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As a Full-Stack Marketing Agency, Mir Saeid Consulting offers

Wish to hire the best copywriters in your town?

Mir Saeid Consuting has offered copywriting services to clients in Toronto, Canada and others all over the globe. Our ability to understand your target markets and buyer persona makes us write content that actually converts. We write using the most recognised content writing and copywriting frameworks to give a readinf experience that demonstrates expertise and authenticity. 

Our copywriters for hire are from the best in the industry that have a writing experience of over a decade. Our in-house team of copywriters has acquired training after being led by Mir Saeid who is a well respected copywriter in the industry. Having led teams across industries, Mir Saeid excatly knows the art of communication and what it takes to write the perfect copy. With him in charge, and his team at work, your copywriting can never go wrong. 

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Getting your Copywriting right, means getting your Marketing right.   

Website Copywriting

Your website is your most important owned real estate on the internet. We help you communicate the right message. That’s a promise.  

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Getting your website copywriting right is important. And hiring a freelance copywriter in Toronto, Canada or elsewhere is not the right thing to do. Our expert copywriters for hire make sure that your website copywriting helps you in pushing the right message while having the ability to improve your SEO.

When our expert content writers write for you we analyze your brand, and competition. That’s when we create SEO Optimized Content that makes your webite rank higher in the Search Engines. And the magic of our woven words ensures that your conversions are high.  

Article Writing

If you want to be a thought leader or an industry ledaer, you need to publish in depth thoughts in the print or the online media. We help you with writing them. 

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Looking for a freeelance ghost writer is not a good idea when Mir Saeid Consuting is offering Article Writing Services in Toronto, Canada at amazing prices. Our in-depth article writing formulas will help you scale up your image in the media within no time. 

Our expert article writers have written top-notch content for publications across the globe, and not just in Toronto, Canada. With our article writers for you, be sure that the only convey the things that you should. 


Landing Page Copywriting

Your content should make the user engaged and force him to take an action. That’s when you can generate more ROI from each visit. 

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Landing Page Copywriting is both tricky and fun. But to get it right, you need to have a very sharp vision and a relaible copywriting methodology. Our expert copywriters at Mir Saeid Consulting will help you with content that converts. 

Being both a science and an art, copywriting is not for freelancers. It rather is done by a team of marketers, writers and editors together.  And that’s what we have available at our agency.  We offer top notch landing page copywriting services that will help you conver more of your traffic. Hire copywriters from us today.  


Content Editing

Have you already written some content and needs to get it edited? Or SEO Optimized, we will do it.  

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Editing the Content is extremely important once you’re done with writing it. And typically, writers are not able to do that. Our expert Content Editors are available for hire to give you polished content back. 

Blog Writing

Blog Writing is one of the most important aspects of Content Marketing. Well written blogs help both in creating your verbal branding as well as overall recall. 

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We at Mir Saeid Consulting champion the art of blog writing. Our expert blog writers are better than any freelance copywriters in Toronto, Canada. We have perfected the art of blog writing through creating a winning blog writing formula that our copywriters use. This is a result of 10+ years of our experience in the feild. 

With our copywriting formula,  your blogs will rank higher and quicker.  Our experienced copywriters will write content that will be ideal for inclusions in the Featured Snipppets section of Google as well. 

Whitepapers & eBooks

Whether you want to generate more leads through a lead magnet or want to strengthen your brand image, whitepapers and eBooks are a clear choice. 

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Writing whitepapers and eBooks has become an essential part of any inbound marketing campaigns. Offering value to secure leads is what experts have recommended as good barter. Our long form writing services are better than that offered by any freelance copywriter. 

You can hire our dilligent freelancers who have experience of over 10 years in long form content writing. To add to it, our highly capable and experienced content editors make things better by providing error free top notch content. 


Product Descriptions

While buying products on;ine, people read product descriptions in detail. Gone are the days of impulse buying with eCommerce being abused. 

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Having worked with top notch eCommerce brands our copywriters for hire excatly know the art of writing product descriptions that help you sell more. Our copywriting woks as if if you have a sales guy talking in text. 

From positioning your products differently to making the usrs take a positive action, we know when to talk about the benefits of a priduct, and when to write the descriptions. Our expert copywriters for hire are there to grant you the best posiible sales writing for each of your products. We have done it for many, we will do it for you too.  

Whitelabel Content Services

Overwhelmed by the work you’ve got, you can get it whitelabelled from our copywriters. 

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Are you looking for additional hands to help you with managing your clients? Opt for our full stack Whitelabel Copywriting Services. Alternatively, you can outsource any service to us as required, may ot be SEO, Website Making, Social Media, graphic designing, or paid advertising. We willwork as your extended arm to give you the support you need. 

Companies I’ve Worked With 

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As a Copywriter, I have worked with various organizations and people. Here is what some of them have to say about my service and skills. More such testimonails will be available on request. 


As a Marketing Specialist, Mir contributed to a lot to our start-up. He led the team from the front & made the operations of our agency swift. He is wonderful at what he does.

Irfan Ali

Founder & CEO , Cut & Paste

Mir has a very good understanding of Marketing Strategies.

He is excellent at Content Marketing, Social Media & Market Research. 

Saroj Sahoo

Head of E-Commerce , Address Home

I am appreciative of Mir’s in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, systematic approach, and eye for meticulous details. It was a pleasure working with him. 

Bonani Bose

Content Manager , Pixel Solutions

Mir is sharp and witty. He is a go-to guy when it comes to strategizing a Marketing Campaign. The best thing about him is that he can work on any online channel with bare minimum resources.

Shahnawaz Khan

Head of Corporate Marketing, Digital Vidya

Mir is a very agile professional and committed to his work. He has a sound knowledge of Content Development, Content Marketing, and Digital Marketing, and he is always open to novel ideas. His positive attitude and willingness to deliver his best make him a great resource for his organisation.

Faisal Mushtaq

Content Head, TYCC

I know Mir Sāeid as a hard working and very serious team player. Mir is a person with a strong ownership and driving for results all the time. He sees and can address everything from the big picture to the details. Mir is creative, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills. He is an asset to any company that he’s with.

Hanan Zahoor

Head of Human Resources , Médecins Sans Frontières - Belgium

FAQs About Our Copywriting and Content Writing Services

Since when are you providing Copywriting Services?

Right from my university day, I was fascinated by writing. I used to love my marketing reports. This love led me to find a career in content writing, copywriting and communications. As a Digital Marketer, I believe the first skill you need is copywriting. So, technically I have been writing for over a decade, as a blogger and an advertsing man. My agency consists of various copywriters that have a huge writing experience and are a lot better than any freelancers that you can hire.

How much do you chage for your Copywriting Services?

The charges of our copywriting depend on the industry, timelines, depth and efforts required. Bulk content is charged fairly lesser than shorter or lesser content. Get in touch with us to discuss. 

What is unique about your Copywriting Services?

Our content ranks high in the search engines. That is our first distinction. Our content helps in increasing your conversion rates, that’s the second distinction. If you then ask what’s unique, we know the art of communication thoroughly. 

Who is the Copywriting Expert in your team?

We have a list of professional copywriters in our team who work from different parts of the world. Our copywriters are from Toronto, Canada to New Delhi, India. However, all the content is checked by Mir Saeid himself before sending out to the clients.  

How do you receive the payments?

We accept 75% of the payment for our content writing projects upfront and the remaining 25% are to be done after approval of the content. In case of a retainer, we charge the ammount upfront for 3 months. 

Who will work on our Copywriting? Mir Saeid or the Team?

The copywriting services that we provide here in Toronto, are top notch and premium. The copywriting is done by a team of expert copywriters and the final content is reviewed by Mir Saeid. This is to establish that the content always gets something from the expertise of the man. Any content written by our copywriters is thoroughly checked for quality before being sent out to the client. 

Who are the top Copywriting Clients you've worked with?

We have provided copywriting services to a plethora of companies. The industries we have served include but are not limited to Real Estate, B2B, SaaS, eCommerce, Newspapers, Luxury, Agencies and D2C brands. 

Do you have a Content Writing and Graphic Design team as well?

Yes, we have Content Writers/Copywriters, as well as Graphic Designers on our team. Even if you want animated content or videos, we will do it all for you. 

Where are you located in Canada?

We have a team of copywriters in Toronto, Canada, but essentially most of our copywriters work from remote locations. This helps us to be in touch with our clients 24×7. 

Do you have any references?

For references, you can visit our portfolio page. You will surely love the work we are doing.  And, in case you wish to talk to some of our previous clients, that is possible but on a request. You can also look at our portfolio to understand the kind of work we have done. 


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