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Hi, this is Mir Saeid one of the best Social Media Service providers that you can ever work with. In my 9+ years of work, I have offered Social Media Marketing Services to clients from Toronto, Canada to Melbourne, Australia. Having worked with industries as diverse as SaaS, eCommerce, Real Estate, Luxury, FMCG, Ed-Tech and B2B, the Social Media Services that my agency offers are the thing to rely upon.  

Wish to opt for the best Social Media Marketing Services?

We have a dedace long experience in handling Social Media for clients in Toronto, Canada to London, United Kingdom. With the finest Social Media Expert in Mir Saeid, our Social Media Marketing Services will enhance your brand image and popularity. Our Social Media Advertising Services are available both for lead generation and online sales. 

Having worked with reputed brands in Toronto, Canada and across the globe, our Social Media Marketing services are custom tailered to meet the needs of any target region. Our seasoned Social Media Experts will always be at your services to deliver both sustainable and viral content.We have done it for many, we are rearing to do it for you.  

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Social Media Marketing is the new age Public Relation, only when done right.  

Social Media Management

From reputation management on social media, to social media optimization, we do it all for you. 

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If you are looking for a Social Media Management Agency that will help to keep your brand in the good books of your clients and audiences, we are the full stack solution.  From Graphic Designing to Copywriting, running ad campaigns to analytics, Mir Saeid Consulting will the one tap solution for all your needs. 

Facebook Marketing

Looking to market on the biggest marketplace on earth? Our Social Media Services are here for you. 

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Experts say that if Facebook would have been a country, it would be the largest in the world. With a large community, a great Marketplace and amazing features, this is a Social Media Network that you should not miss marketing on. Our Social Media Marketing Agency will help you to draw a great ROI on every dollar invested. 

Twitter Marketing

Lets get conversations rolling in one the best platform to build a connection with your audience.  

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Desire to have a two way communication with your audiences? Twitter Marketing Services are for you! You can avaial our professional services to market your brand on Twitter, or just keep your brand in the good books of your audiences. With a strategic approach to building personal brands or even commercial brands, we offer Twitter Marketing Services that have a straight impact on your brand value. 

Quora Marketing

Build thought leadership for your personal or commercial brand on world’s best QA platform.  

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How about building your personal or comercial brand on world’s top QA platform, Quora? Within no time you will be a household name and an influencer in your field. If you are ready to opt for our Quora Marketing Services, you are just a step away from thrilling fame. 

Social Media Advertising

Whether you wish to get more leads or increase your sales directly,  we will be your extended arm. 

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If you are looking towards some help in running your paid advertisement campaigns, Mir Saeid Consulting is here to offer top-notch Social Media Advertising Services.  We run paid ads both for lead generation and conversion campaigns. And we are too good with retargetting. So, push off your Social Media Adertising related problems, and outsource them to us for a great ROI.  

Instagram Marketing

Do you have a great brand with great images? We will market it on the best image and video sharing platform. 

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A Social Media Marketing platform that has gone viral among the youth. If you are targetting the younger age group, Instagram is the Social Media Marketing Platform for you, hands down. Our Instagram Strategists will create a content calender and settle images and videos that are potientially of a viral nature. With our Social Media Marketing Agency,  you are in safe hands. 

LinkedIn Marketing

Showcase your brand with professionals across the globe.  B2B or B2C, this platfiorm will work for you. 

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Marketing for a B2B Audience? Or are generally opting for creating thought ledaership in your industry. Our LinkedIn Marketing Services are there for you. With the best Content Strategists for Social Media on board,  you will avail services that generate great results.  Geet in touch with our team to get a full view of our LinkedIn Marketing Services at the earliest.  

Whitelabel Social Media Services

Do you have a website in many languages, or works for distinct geographies? International SEO is the answer. 

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Are you looking for additional hands to help you with managing your clients? Opt for our full stack Whitelabel Social Media Services. Alternatively, you can outsource any service to us as required, may ot be copywriting, graphic designing, or paid advertising. We willwork as your extended arm to give you the support you need. 

Companies I’ve Worked With 

Mir Seaid Client Digital Vidya
Mir Seaid Client Idc
Mir Saeid Clients - Impact
Mir Saeid Clients Iiitd
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients Kashmirica
Mir Saeid - Clients
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients


As a Social Media Marketing Consultant, I have worked with various organizations and people. Here is what some of them have to say about my service and skills. More such testimonails will be available on request. 


As a Marketing Specialist, Mir contributed to a lot to our start-up. He led the team from the front & made the operations of our agency swift. He is wonderful at what he does.

Irfan Ali

Founder & CEO , Cut & Paste

Mir has a very good understanding of Marketing Strategies.

He is excellent at Content Marketing, Social Media & Market Research. 

Saroj Sahoo

Head of E-Commerce , Address Home

I am appreciative of Mir’s in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, systematic approach, and eye for meticulous details. It was a pleasure working with him. 

Bonani Bose

Content Manager , Pixel Solutions

Mir is sharp and witty. He is a go-to guy when it comes to strategizing a Marketing Campaign. The best thing about him is that he can work on any online channel with bare minimum resources.

Shahnawaz Khan

Head of Corporate Marketing, Digital Vidya

Mir is a very agile professional and committed to his work. He has a sound knowledge of Content Development, Content Marketing, and Digital Marketing, and he is always open to novel ideas. His positive attitude and willingness to deliver his best make him a great resource for his organisation.

Faisal Mushtaq

Content Head, TYCC

I know Mir Sāeid as a hard working and very serious team player. Mir is a person with a strong ownership and driving for results all the time. He sees and can address everything from the big picture to the details. Mir is creative, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills. He is an asset to any company that he’s with.

Hanan Zahoor

Head of Human Resources , Médecins Sans Frontières - Belgium

FAQs About Our Social Media Optimization Services

Since when are you providing Social Media Marketing & Consulting Services?

I have been active on Social Media since 2003, and we have formally used social media for copmmercial activities since 2008. We as Social Media Marketing Consultants have over a decade of experience in bringing business value from our activities. Our Social Media Marketing Agency came into existance since 2020, the time when Mir Saeid Consulting was born. 

How much do you chage for your Social Media Management Services?

Our charges are unique to the project for which Social Media Marketing is to be done. Paid Advertising on Social Media is quite different from Organic Marketing and Social Media Optimization and as such both will have different costs. Also, the efforts required to be put on a certain Social Media Service will determine the cost that you’ll have to pay for a particular project. 

What is unique about your Social Media Marketing Services?

We have the best Social Media Strategist as the founder of our Agency. The kind of work that Mir Saeid has done in the field is in a way unparallelled. From running Video Marketing Campaigns on YouTube to handling LinkedIn of seious C-Level Executives. So, as a Social Media Marketing Consultant, Mir Saeid has experience in everything that relates to algorithms, audience tastes and budgets. So, you can be assured that you are in safe hands when you decide to work with us. 

Who is the Social Media Marketing Expert in your team?

We have many Professional Social Media Marketing Experts on our team. Mir Saeid sits at the head of our Social Media Experts. He is the go to guy when it comes to ideating and strategizing our Social Media Campaigns. 

How do you receive the payments?

All our retainer services are to be paid 3 months in advance after the contract is signed. Apart from that, you will be given the option to transfer through bank, or do an online transaction. 

Who will work on our Social Media Marketing?

The Social Media Marketing Services we provide in Toronto, Canada are not singular. Each company will be offered Social Media Marketing Services in a manner that suits them. Saying that, all the strategising of the Social Media Plans and the Content Calendars will be personally looked into by Mir Saeid. We will also use his expertise to design social media images and copies. However, a lot of execution will be done by Social Media Experts sitting in the agency. 

Who are the top Social Media Marketing Clients you've worked with?

We have provided myraid SOcial Media Marketing Services to a multitute of clients in Toronto, Canada and across the globe. Many influencers have opted for our Social Media Services. Toronto has been a hub of such clients. However with NDAs signed with most of them, we can’t reveal the identity. However, some of the biggest brands that have asked us for help on the Social Media Marleting initiatives are Kashmirica, Digital Vidya, iDreamCareer, Impact, Mongia Green, IVY Concepts, Casa Color, Address Home and others. 

Do you have a Content Writing and Graphic Design team as well?

Yes, we have Content Writers/Copywriters, as well as Graphic Designers on our team. Even if you want animated content or videos, we will do it all for you. 

Where are you located?

Our Social Media Experts and the extended team is completely remote. We have an office in Toronto, Canada but for the most part, our team sits at different locations. This helps us to hire the best talent and be available for our clients 24×7. 

Do you have any references?

For references, you can visit our portfolio page. You will surely love the work we are doing.  And, in case you wish to talk to some of our previous clients, that is possible but on a request. You can also look at our portfolio to understand the kind of work we have done. 


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