Mir Saeid

Digital Marketing Specialist

A Full Stack Marketer and a Growth-Hacker, Mir Saeid is adept at strategizing & executing 360° Marketing Campaigns. Mir specializes in Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Automation, Copy-writing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, eMail Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Design and WordPress Development.

Key Areas Of Expertise

Marketing Strategy

Having strategized entire PR, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Campaigns, I have developed expertise in the art. I create perfect funnels from awareness to closure and they work!

Marketing Operations

From ideation, strategizing, project management, operations to the delivery of marketing campaigns, my full-stack marketing capabilities help me to lead a team seamlessly.

Brand Design & Strategy

With a great aesthetic sense, I have worked on the branding of different start-ups and even worked on the relaunch of brands. Be it visual or verbal branding, I do it all.

Search Engine Optimization

Being able to be visible on Search Engines is vital for the success of any Online Marketing Plan. An expert in On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO, I am a geek that you will love to work with.

Inbound Marketing

Who doesn’t want passive income, and that’s exactly what I can manage. I have developed plans to create pull magnets with Inbound Marketing that have resulted in lesser Marketing costs and greater revenues.

Web Development

I am great at managing and developing websites on WordPress. If you are a small or a medium scale business, I can take care of your technology function as well. This is something that I do regularly.


Having cut my teeth as a copywriter throughout my career, I am an expert copywriter for both print and online media. I have my articles printed in leading print and online publishing platforms.



Using storytelling over online and print media, I am able to pull engagement in a manner which impacts the bottom line. Creating positive engagement using Integrated Marketing Communications is my forte.

Email Marketing

Whether it be the messaging that is to go out or any tech automation to set-up, I can do it all. Have done it for others, will do it for you. With Automations and CRM, your team will be able to focus on activates those aid sales.

Public Relations

Whether it is to create a positive impression over the internet or in the traditional media, I have done it all. Even when it comes to Crisis Communication, I am the guy to rely on.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is something I love. I have worked on Community Management, Promotional Campaigns, and ORM over Social Media extensively.

Audience Analytics

The art of measuring actions is essential for a Marketer. With the right sense of analysis and ability to measure campaigns, I develop campaigns that work in real-world scenarios.

Educational Credentials

Masters in International Business & Management

The focus of my studies at the University of Bedfordshire was Marketing, International Marketing, Business Communications, Culture, Psychology, and e-Business.

Bachelors in Business Administration

Throughout my course, I specifically laid focus on Marketing due to my interest. I was a speaker at the Business Club of my college and secured the 5th rank in my college.

HubSpot Marketing Certifications

I have taken a number of HubSpot Courses and Certifications that have helped me to develop as a Full-Stack Marketer.

SEMrush Certifications

I have studied SEO in detail with SEMrush academy and have been certified by them through their F2F Workshops.

Simplilearn Academy

I have been trained as a Digital Marketing Associate from the famous Simplilearn Academy that owns Market Motive.

Work With me to Get Ahead!

In my 7+ Years of Journey as a Marketer & a Strategic Communications Professional, I have worked with numerous start-ups and SMEs working primarily on the ‘promotions’ aspect of their Marketing.

Being a Full Stack Marketer, I have worked in cross-departmental functions and asymmetric teams. This includes working on multiple campaigns in different domains, and various industries.

People Who Vouch For My Skills

As a Marketing Specialist, Mir contributed to a lot to our start-up. He led the team from the front & made the operations of our agency swift. He is wonderful at what he does.

Irfan Ali

Founder & CEO , Cut & Paste

Mir has a very good understanding of Marketing Strategies.

He is excellent at Content Marketing, Social Media & Market Research.

Saroj Sahoo

Head of E-Commerce , Address Home

I am appreciative of Mir’s in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, systematic approach, and eye for meticulous details. It was a pleasure working with him.

Bonani Bose

Content Manager , Pixel Solutions

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