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Hi, this is Mir Saeid one of the best SEO Consulting Service providers that you can ever work with. In my 9+ years of work, I have consulted numerous clients on SEO across the globe. Having worked on SEO Projects from diverse industries such as Ed-Tech, SaaS, eCommerce, B2B, Non-Profit, Real Estate, and Media, I am a SEO Expert that you will love to rely upon. 

Desire to have your Website SEO on Point?

With my SEO Consulting services, you will always be on top of your SEO game. Having consulted clients in Toronto, Canada, England, India, Australia, Middle Esat and the USA, I have thorough experience of doing what it takes to have an awesome SEO optimized website, irrespective of the territory of operation. 

At Mir Saeid Consulting, we focus on only the white hat methods of doing SEO, unlike other SEO Conultants. We focus on long term sustainability of our SEO efforts and do no not believe in short term hacks to grow. Over the last decade or so, our white hat methods of doing SEO have resulted in sustained growth of all our clients. So, if you desire to have your Website SEO on point, just contact us.   

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Search Engine Optimization can be hard, but not when we are by your side. 

SEO Audit

If you wish to learn how you are doing with regards to SEO, you can opt for an SEO Audit from our SEO services. 

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Our SEO Auditing Services are top-notch and will help to learn aboout the current state of your SEO efforts. Our expertise in doing an SEO Audit will help your junior SEO to understand what activities do they need to do in order to improve our SEO score.

We work on multiple models while giving our SEO Services. We can either work independantly and provide monthly reports, or we can work as your extended team which guides your in-house team to take actions that will improve your overall SEO. You can also opt for just an SEO Audit that will help you understand what your team or SEO Services provider has been doing on your website. 


Content SEO

Having a lot of Content on your website is not of use, unless you have it SEO Optimized. And we do just that!

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Content related SEO is the vital for your website’s growth.  We at Mir Saeid Consulting provide Content SEO Services to websites that already have content on their website that is not SEO Optimized. 

Apart from Content SEO Services, we also offer SEO Optimized Content Writing Services for those in need.  Being a consulting firm focussed on organic marketing, content related SEO is our forte. With our SEO Services, you will always be on top of the SERPs acheiving a positive ROI.    

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is thr real deal when it comes to SEO. Our team is posed to make your site be on point technically. 

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We are experts at offering Technical SEO Services to clients with websites as small as 10 pages, and as big as those with a 100,000 pages. 

We offer our professional Technical SEO services in two ways. You either outsource the entire work to us so a team of developers and SEOs will work on your project. Or you can use your in-house developers to make the changes that our expert SEO professionals seek. 


Local SEO

Local SEO is the best way to increase the local business of your brand. ‘Service Near Me’ seraches are increasing!  

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Do you wish to domainate the SERPs for keyphrases such as ‘SEO Services near me’ or ‘SEO Services in Toronto, Canada’, Local SEO Services is the service to opt for. 

We use the best tactics vailable to boost local SEO to give you a local presence that domainates the SERPs. Ranking on local serch tems will have a direct impact on your bottom line. 

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the most important aspect of SEO. If you get it right, you have accomplished half your goal.   

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At Mir Saeid Consulting, we provide Keyword Research Services that will help you to lay the foundations of your Website SEO efforts. Our SEO Consulting Services are 360° in nature and will help you with all aspects of your SEO. 

With us, you can opt for our full-stack of SEO Services or only opt for specific SEO Services that suit your immediate needs.  We create dedicated buyer personal, and audiemce funnels to research for keywords for any brand or product. Apart from that, we focus on Keyword Mapping and Keyword Clustering to give you the best keyword research results possible.  

Link Building

Quality Links are from the greatest ranking factors known till date.  And our experts are here for you!

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Link Building for SEO is hard and daunting. You can let us do the hardwork while you concentrate on things that are easier and pleasing. Our decade long experience in the industry will help you to gain some authority links really fast. 

With Mir Saeid Consulting on-board, your SEO efforts will just propel further and further without delay. Our expert and professional trained SEO team will make sure that our SEO Services are best in class. 


WordPress SEO

WordPress powers 75% of sites on the internet, but most of them don’t receive any traffic. We are here to fix that.

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We have worked on countless websites to make them receive tonnes of traffic. At Mir Saeid Consulting, we have worked with a website that garners around 300,000 visitirors a month and another that received 1,000,000 visitors a month. All by organic SEO. 

If you desire to see similar traffic on your website, you can avail our full stack WordPress SEO Services that includes Keyword Research, Content Writing, Content SEO, Technical SEO as well as Local and International SEO. 


International SEO

Do you have a website in many languages, or works for distinct geographies? International SEO is the answer. 

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Is your buisness operating Globally? We are here to serve your needs. We will offer you top-notch international SEO services that will help you realise your commercial goals without trouble. 

For example, you are in Toronto, Canada and wish to offer services in the Middle east. From setting your HREFLang to translating your entire site, we will help you everything with regards to your International SEO related needs. 

Companies I’ve Worked With 

Mir Seaid Client Digital Vidya
Mir Seaid Client Idc
Mir Saeid Clients - Impact
Mir Saeid Clients Iiitd
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients Kashmirica
Mir Saeid - Clients
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients
Mir Saeid Clients


As a SEO Consultant, I have worked with various organizations and people. Here is what some of them have to say about my service and skills. More such testimonails will be available on request. 


As a Marketing Specialist, Mir contributed to a lot to our start-up. He led the team from the front & made the operations of our agency swift. He is wonderful at what he does.

Irfan Ali

Founder & CEO , Cut & Paste

Mir has a very good understanding of Marketing Strategies.

He is excellent at Content Marketing, Social Media & Market Research. 

Saroj Sahoo

Head of E-Commerce , Address Home

I am appreciative of Mir’s in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, systematic approach, and eye for meticulous details. It was a pleasure working with him. 

Bonani Bose

Content Manager , Pixel Solutions

Mir is sharp and witty. He is a go-to guy when it comes to strategizing a Marketing Campaign. The best thing about him is that he can work on any online channel with bare minimum resources.

Shahnawaz Khan

Head of Corporate Marketing, Digital Vidya

Mir is a very agile professional and committed to his work. He has a sound knowledge of Content Development, Content Marketing, and Digital Marketing, and he is always open to novel ideas. His positive attitude and willingness to deliver his best make him a great resource for his organisation.

Faisal Mushtaq

Content Head, TYCC

I know Mir Sāeid as a hard working and very serious team player. Mir is a person with a strong ownership and driving for results all the time. He sees and can address everything from the big picture to the details. Mir is creative, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills. He is an asset to any company that he’s with.

Hanan Zahoor

Head of Human Resources , Médecins Sans Frontières - Belgium

FAQs About Our Search Engine Optimization Services

Since when are you providing SEO Consulting Services?

I have an experience of a decade in offering SEO Services. However, as a team, Mir Saeid Consulting has been offering SEO Consulting services to clients in Toronto, Canada and elsewhere from 2020. 

How much do you chage for your SEO Services?

Our charges vary based on the scope of work. We wil analyse your brand, and your needs, consult you and then based on the services required, will offer you the best possible pricing. However, saying that if the prcing will also depend on your location and needs. For someone in Toronto, Canada with work related to a large SaaS company, the charges will be different than a small business in India. Also, various services are charged differently. You can avail another option where we charge you by the hours of work we do.   

What is unique about your SEO Marketing Services?

We are a one stop stop solution to all your SEO needs. If you are looking for an SEO Agency in Toronto, Canda, you must not look further than that.  Our SEO Services cater to all aspects of Search Engine Optimization from Content Writing to International SEO. Saying that, you can opt for our full services or pick up one of them. Apart from that you can also book Mir Saeid as a consultant, or use our Agency as a complete SEO service provider. So, you will not get a more flexible solution than us in the market.  

Who is the SEO Expert in your team?

Our team is laced with SEO Professionals, but saying that, Mir Saeid is a renouned SEO Expert and Consultant that has worked with some of the biggest websites in their respective niches.  

How do you receive the payments?

All our retainer services are to be paid 3 months in advance after the contract is signed. Apart from that, you will be given the option to transfer through bank, or do an online transaction. 

Who will work on our SEO? Will it be Mir Saeid, or his team?

Our SEO Services are offered in many styles. You can hire Mir Saeid as a consultant who will give your team weekly tasks and your team will be responsible for implementing all the actions realted. Else, you can outsource all your SEO needs to our team and Mir Saeid will personally sit on top of the project taking help from him team to implenent the required actions.  

Who are the top SEO Clients who have seen a significant result through you?

We have provided services to a multitude iof brands, but with many of them, we have signed an NDA agreement where we are not able to disclse the names. Saying that some of the companies that Mir Saeid has worked with for their SEO are Kashmirica, Digital Vidya, iDreamCareer and others. These brands have seen around a 400% increase in their traffic year on year. 

Do you have a Content Writing team as well?

Yes, we have a team of content writers who can do SEO copywriting for you. We can write landing pages, website content, blogs, articles and just about anything that you need.  

Where are you located?

Our SEO team is fully remote. We work across various timezones so that we can work 24*7 to meet the dedalines of our clients. If you are looking for SEO Consulting Services in Toronto, Canada, you do not need to worry about anything but the results. We can have inperson meetings in Toronto, Canada or also have virtual meetings whereever you are across the globe.  

Do you have any references?

For references, you can visit our portfolio page. You will surely love the work we are doing.  And, in case you wish to talk to some of our previous clients, that is possible but on a request. 

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So are you ready to opt for the finest SEO Services?