Are you on the lookout for the top digital marketing agencies in Canada? Well, then you are at the right place. To help build your brand and scale your business, choosing the right agency that understands your business is crucial.

While there are many agencies in Canada not every one of them will give you the results that you desire. Hence, you must be very careful about which agency you choose to save both your time and money.

To make things easier for you, we have this list of reliable leading digital marketing agencies across Canada that you can choose to grow your business with.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

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1. Social Media 55

An award-winning digital marketing agency based in Canada, Social Media 55 offers full suite digital marketing services. With multiple locations across Canada, Social Media 55 is a reliable name in the country.

Apart from all digital marketing services, the company also offers services like PR, UI/ UX, mobile app development and marketing and a lot more. 

The company has been serving since 2014 to clients across Canada as well as the USA. They offer customized solutions to cater to every client’s special needs and take care of all their digital needs without the client having to worry about a thing.

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2. Konstruct Digital

Located in Calgary, Konstruct Digital is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada. Founded in 2012, Konstruct Digital’s strategy involves in creating sustainable growth-oriented solutions to increase the number of qualified sales leads.

The company promises increased traffic, leads and sales to its clients through the various digital marketing techniques. SEO, PPC, social media, Shopify and B2B marketing are some of the services offered by them. 

3. Adster Creative

Founded in 1998, Adster Creative is a marketing agency based in Edmonton, Canada. The company offers world class services in SEO, Google Ads Management, PPC, social media marketing, website analytics and tracking and a lot more. 

Adster Creative follows a thorough six step approach to give its clients the best result-driven digital marketing solutions. At Adster, it is believed that a digital marketing agency is only as strong as its clients’ results. So, they believe in following a well thought out digital marketing plan and not in taking shortcuts.

The company boasts of a 97% positive client feedback rate.

4. Something Great Marketing

Based in Vancouver in Canada, Something Great Marketing was founded in 2019. The company also has an office in Denver in the USA. Their main areas of expertise include social media marketing, content marketing, blogging, digital advertising, video and photography creation and media relations.

At Something Great Marketing, creative thinking and hard work are put above everything else. The company believes in communicating a brand’s message to the world in the right way to get the most out of marketing.

At Something Great, research, strategic planning and then its execution is how great results are achieved.

5. Atrium Digital

Another one of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada is Atrium Digital based in Edmonton and Vancouver. The main services offered by them include search marketing, online advertising, content marketing, social marketing and website design.

The company aims to provide consistent results to its clients through a Systems Engineering approach to marketing platforms and routines.

Founded in 2000, the company has worked with hundreds of top brands and marketing professionals. While most marketing agencies can offer short-term results, at Atrium, the consistency in results is highly valued.

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6. Art & Science Digital Experience Design

A multi-award winning company, Art & Science Digital Experience Design is a leading digital marketing agency based in Toronto. The company believes in the combination of ‘creative inspiration’ from an artist and ‘analytic rigour’ of a scientist to produce campaigns. So, their team consists of  many ‘creative technologists’.

The company offers top notch services in Brand Design, Discovery & Ideation, UI/ UX design, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing and a lot more. Art & Science Digital Experience Design has worked for some of the biggest brands in Canada, launched several new brands and helped new businesses get a headstart. 

7. Search & Gather

Search & Gather, founded in 2016 in Toronto is also one of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada. The company works with startups and SMBs to help them achieve measurable growth from digital marketing.

Some of the services offered by them include paid search, paid social, landing pages, CRM integrations, analytics and Amazon advertising. 

At S & G, it is believed that clients’ success is the company’s success and thus, they work hard until they achieve their goals. They also believe in building personal client relationships and pride in the relationships they build.

8. Gustin Quon

Gustin Quon is a company dedicated to internet marketing excellence and working with similar like-minded, inspired enterprises. The company works with enterprises sharing common goals of profitability and growth.

The company focuses on SEO and lead generation. Some of their services offered include SEO, advertising and lead generation, SEM, social media strategy and monitoring and a lot more. 

At Gustin Quon, clients’ success is a top priority and client relationships are also equally valued.

9. Courimo

Courimo is another one of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada based in Montreal. The company works with small, medium as well as large sized businesses and offers full suite digital marketing services. Some of their services include PPC, Google Retargeting, Facebook Ads, SEO, Social Media Management and reputation management.

Curimo is your one-stop destination for all your digital marketing needs fulfilled through innovative strategies. The company works with businesses of all sizes and budgets.

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10. Major Tom

Major Tom, another leading digital marketing agency in Canada is based in Vancouver. It was established in 2000 and has offices in Toronto and New York as well.

The company comprises some of the brightest minds working passionately to service their clients. 

With ‘finding clarity in chaos’ as their goal, Major Tom offers the right digital solutions to suit every individual company’s needs.

Over to You

We hope that your quest for the top digital marketing agencies in Canada ends here. Here, we shared the top 10 best companies across Canada.

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