If you are looking for the top SEO agencies in Toronto then your search ends right here.

Good SEO lays the foundation for a high-ranking website and ultimately, more business in the longer run. If you sell products/ services via a website then SEO is the most important marketing channel for you. Let’s be real here, without SEO, there is basically no point in having a website.

To thrive in this digital era and create a name for yourself on the top pages of Google, SEO is one thing that you need to get right.

Search Engine Optimization can often be complex and have a lot of nitty-gritty. Hence, it is always best left to the experts who can handle it perfectly for you.

Choosing the right SEO agency for your business is extremely important. We understand that it can get difficult to find just the right agency among all the agencies that are available out there. But worry not as we have compiled this list to make that task easier for you. So, keep reading, and find the perfect agency for your business. 

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Top 21 SEO Agencies in Toronto

  1. Edkent Media

The first SEO agency that we will be talking about is called Edkent Media. Edkent Media is one of the most popular digital marketing agencies in Toronto that provides the best SEO services.

The agency will help you drive organic traffic to your website, help you rank on the 1st page of Google, get more traffic, and more. Edkent provides cost-effective services that provide long-lasting organic results. 

Edkent Media is an award-winning agency that provides services to local businesses, enterprises, e-commerce as well as multinational businesses.

  1. Local SEO Search

Next on our list, let’s talk about this agency called Local SEO Search. The agency is known to follow a five-step approach to SEO and the processes include understanding, research and analysis, implementation, monitoring and testing, and then ROI.

Local SEO Search has a la carte pricing and charges a business depending upon its needs. The agency provides services to small to medium-sized businesses and helps to grow them. It doesn’t just provide services across Canada but also abroad.

  1. Optimized Web Media

The next on our list of the top SEO agencies in Toronto is called Optimized Web Media. The agency offers all kinds of digital marketing services and their expertise also lies in SEO. 

Whether it is on-page SEO, off-page SEO, competitor analysis, website optimization, advanced SEO or anything else, you can trust Optimized Web Media to get the job done for you.

The agency follows a 6-step process to give you the best ever results. The processes include competitor analysis, publishing high-quality content on the website, building local citations, optimizing & managing GMB, tracking SEO campaigns, and then tweaking SEO campaign.

  1. Seoplus+

An agency having SEO itself in its name, seoplus+ is one of the top SEO-providing agencies in Toronto. Whether it is growing more traffic, leads, or revenue, this agency can help you fulfil all your goals.

The agency is known to use state-of-the-art technology and tools to give their clients the best ever results. Seoplus+ was founded in 2012 and is well-known in Toronto for their excellent marketing services. The agency works with several clients and caters to businesses across Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Canada, and the USA.

  1. Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc.

The next on our list is an agency called Art & Science. The agency provides a host of different services in the design and marketing niche and SEO is one of them.

Art & Science is among the best-rated agencies in Toronto by credible websites. It is a multi-award winning agency that combines creativity with analytics to give its clients the best-ever solutions. The team follows a strict process to ensure the best results. Art & Science has work with numerous brands including Starbucks, Tasty Ribbon, and more.

  1. Social Media 55

One of the most well-known digital marketing agencies in Toronto is called Social Media 55 and their expertise also lies in SEO. Social Media 55 is an award-winning agency that has also been featured in Yahoo! Finance, The Manifest, Markets Insider, and many more. 

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The team consists of some of the best SEO experts in the industry who can help you achieve all your goals. So no matter what your needs might be, Social Media 55 will take care of all your SEO requirements.

  1. Parachute Design Group Inc

The next on our list of the top SEO agencies in Toronto is an agency called Parachute Design Group Inc. The agency provides UX design, UI design, web design, and many other design services along with SEO.

Parachute Design follows a fixed process in order to provide its clients with only the best. The team has worked with several clients including The Juno Awards, Glenmorangie, and Automat AI. The agency has over 19 years of experience in this field, making it one of the best to work with.

  1. BrandLume Inc

BrandLume Inc is also one of the popular digital marketing agencies in Toronto that offers SEO marketing as well as SEO link building services. The agency has more than 6000 clients globally.

BrandLume Inc was founded in 2011 and it has a client retention rate of a whopping 96%. It is one reliable agency in Toronto that you can trust for all of your SEO needs. They have upfront prices, and no compulsion of any contracts.

  1. New Design Group Inc

Moving ahead, let us talk about an agency called New Design Group Inc. This agency is also one of the best-ranked agencies in Toronto offering all digital marketing services including SEO. 

The agency has worked with numerous clients across various industries and their clientele includes Citibank, Caldwell Investment Management, and ABC Funds. The team consists of award-winning experts who have immense experience within their own niche.

  1. Major Tom

If you are still looking for the best SEO agency in Toronto then Major Tom is your answer for it. The agency offers all digital marketing services and SEO is one of them. 

SEO needs expertise and the perfect guidance coupled with the best strategy and Major Tom is exactly what will help you achieve that. The agency offers a customized approach in order to cater to the client’s needs the best.

They also have many case studies for you to take a look at.

  1. Blue Hat Marketing

The next on our list of the top SEO agencies in Toronto is an agency called Blue Hat Marketing. Blue Hat Marketing covers all kinds of SEO services whether it is local SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and helps you rank on the top results of Google and get organic traffic.

The agency is a Facebook Marketing Partner as well as a Google Marketing Partner. It has also been ranked as the #1 SEO company by Clutch. Blue Hat Marketing follows a strategic approach that ensures that clients get only the best results. 

  1. Qode Media

The next on our list, let us talk about an agency called Qode Media. The agency offers a plethora of services with SEO being one of them. No matter what your SEO needs might be, Qode Media will completely take care of it.

Qode Media follows a 6-step approach that includes Enquiry, Analysis, Strategy, Agreement, Project Launch, and Business Growth. The agency provides different packages categorized as basic, standard, professional, and premium; with premium being the most expensive one.

  1. Growth360

Growth360 is another one of the top SEO agencies in Toronto. The agency has been recognized by several credible names and has also been awarded as the best SEO agency.

Growth360 offers services to all kinds of enterprises whether it is start-ups, small businesses or corporate offices in Toronto, other parts of Canada, as well as the USA. The agency can help you generate more traffic, leads, and sales. It will also help you improve your website’s visibility on Google as well as other search engines, and a lot more. 

  1. Brand & Mortar

Brand & Mortar is also a pretty popular name in Toronto when it comes to digital marketing services. The agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that also offers SEO.

Brand & Mortar is trusted by companies like Toshiba, Intel, Mastercard, Swarovski, and many such big names. The agency also has great review across all credible sites. It is an extremely reliable SEO agency that can help you fulfil all your SEO goals perfectly.

  1. Brand Vision Marketing

The next on our list of the top SEO agencies in Toronto is an agency called Brand Vision Marketing. Along with helping you setup a perfect website, Brand Vision will also help you with its SEO. 

Brand Vision Marketing has received several awards for its work including ‘Top Digital Agency’ and ‘Top SEO Agency’ by Upcity. Brand Vision is known to drive sales through proven online tactics and their strategies are known to drive excellent results for their clients. So, Brand Vision Marketing is one reliable agency that you can trust for all your SEO needs.

  1. WebSuitable

WebSuitable is also one of the top agencies in Toronto when we talk about SEO. The agency is known for its affordable services that are result-driven. WebSuitable claims to provide better results for lesser money than most agencies in Canada.

WebSuitable is Canada’s fastest growing agencies that is located in Toronto. Whether it is website audit, on-page SEO optimization or strategic link building, WebSuitable can help you with it all. Several companies including Convergence Networks, Children First Canada as well as International School Leadership trust this agency for their online presence.

  1. Blue Flamingo Solutions Inc

The next on our list of the top SEO agencies in Canada is an agency called Blue Flamingo Solutions Inc. The agency has very high Google ratings and some great client testimonials. The SEO solutions provided by Blue Flamingo Solutions Inc are based on research and analysis.

Whether it is providing quality content, or on-page optimization, the agency can help you with it all. The agency is also located in London along with Toronto and has been in business for over 20 years.

  1. func.media

Next on our list, let us talk about an agency called func.media. Also one of the popular digital marketing agencies in Toronto, func.media provides some great SEO services that are sure to get you excellent results.

The agency has been featured by Forbes, NBC, Entrepreneur, Huffpost, CBS, and many other popular media pages. The agency will also help you with complete digital strategy and management.

  1. Speakeasy Agency

Speakeasy Agency is also one very reliable agency when it comes to SEO. The agency will help you with creating high quality content for your website, building relevant backlinks, local SEO, local citations, and everything else that is important for good SEO. 

Speakeasy will help you with consistent on-page and off-page efforts that are sure to drive you great results. The agency offers different packages depending upon your needs or depending upon the industry that your business belongs to. The agency was established in 2018 and their clients includes names like Bacardi, Bumble, and Safe Home Canada.

  1. Bold X Collective

If you are still looking for the best SEO agency in Toronto then Bold X Collective is your answer for it. The agency offers result-driven SEO services and is trusted by several clients. 

It is an award-winning agency that has been recognized by Upcity, Clutch, and more. Bold X Collective has been in business for more than 15 years and believes in being bold. The agency will help you create campaigns that best resonate with your goals.

  1. Asset Digital Communications

The last on our list is an agency called Asset Digital Communications. Along with all other digital marketing services, the agency’s expertise also lies in SEO. A top SEO agency in Canada, Asset Digital Communications will devise strategies that bring great results. Whether it is keyword research, on-page or off-page, the agency can help you with it all.

Here, we talked about the top 21 SEO agencies in Toronto. Which out of these 21 agencies do you plan to work with?

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