With the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) in the cosmetic industry, online sales have been bolstered by personalized recommendations for customers.

Now, people can receive a customized experience from online shops.  AI helps customers find the “perfect” product(s) by personalizing the selection process.

Factors such as skin type, tone, texture as well as hair color are considered to find suitable products. 

AI chatbots have also been used in the customer service sector to answer commonly asked questions about products and help with orders. 

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How AI Empowers the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry? 

With the range of products, brands, and colours available in the market, is it no wonder that sometimes customers are overwhelmed and can’t make decisions on what to buy?

The advantage of artificial intelligence is that it has revolutionized the beauty industry by allowing people to try out makeup easily and quickly. 

Maybe you’d like to try that new Maybelline or MAC nude eyeshadow.  

Well, now you can!

Open your selfie cam and have AI detect your facial features without the need for an expensive camera. The scanner is provided with AI that detects different facial landmarks such as the eyes, nose etc.

Augmented reality brings you closer to finding the perfect shade of lipstick thanks to rapid, personalized cosmetics.

Easy as 1-2-3! 

What can AI do to Boost Cosmetic Sales? 

1. AI-Powered Beauty Product Search 

When you search for beauty products online, you are sometimes allowed to fill in a quick questionnaire to narrow down your product search. The computer vision on the website then searches for items tailored to your needs. 

I was shocked when I saw this technology on The Best You® website. The Best You ® is Canada’s premier medical aesthetics clinic. They have a great website that includes a great AI feature.  A must check out!

Most of us would prefer to see skin specialists for product recommendations that can help us enhance our beauty. Typically, we would need to visit the clinic in person for a skin assessment and then, potentially a treatment which costs us money and time.

But, brilliantly, The Best You® has empowered us to do our own skin analysis through their AI-driven analysis tool.   

Once you are on their website, a pop-up will instantaneously load and ask you a few questions. It will also ask you for an on-the-spot selfie.

Then, the AI uses its algorithms to recommend specific cosmetic products for your morning and evening beauty routines and it even suggests what services will complement the products to further enhance the beauty of your skin. 

The best part is that you can shop cosmetic products online right there and then and have your products delivered to your doorstep. Couldn’t get any easier than this, right? 

(A good thing to note is that, at times, the clinic does offer free cosmetic advice, so reach out to them and you might get lucky.)  

NOTE: If you wish to partner with The Best You Clinics in Ontario, Canada, you may contact them at info@thebestyou.com

2. Smart Skin Type Accession 

Shopping for cosmetics online without being able to try them out can be tricky. Luckily, there is a way to have an expert weigh into your purchase process that offers unbiased advice that you won’t find on internet videos or Reddit forums. 

If you are looking for skincare cosmetics or foundation, computer vision is especially and extremely helpful. Many big brands let you upload a photo of yourself, and their AI analyzes it for compatibility and suggests suitable products.

As a result, you’ll find the beauty products that are best for your skin type and make an informed decision. 

3. Smart Mirror Option 

If you have seen Disney’s movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, then you might recall the magic mirror in the movie. You may be able to do the same with artificial intelligence. 

As a rule, such mirrors are installed either in shops where they are useful for trying on makeup goods, fitting haircuts, and trying out accessories or online stores where they’re also great for testing out various goods before ordering anything. 

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Businesses can also use smart mirrors to reduce staff and customer time. This can save a lot of money and make customers happier by providing fast service. 

4. Try Before You Buy – Makeup with AR Visual Effects 

If you’re looking for a way to improve the shopping experience, well-known retailers are modernizing their methods with advanced technology.

For example, Zalando has created AR-enhanced makeup trials using highly realistic 3D software and displays that realistically simulate different skin textures. This is not a surprise.

That’s how artificial intelligence works to make beauty products look more attractive in campaigns. 

With AR, you can provide customers with an effortless way to find beauty products in their homes. Brands like Maybelline, MAC Cosmetics, Gucci, YSL have been using AI for beauty for a while now.  

5. Sample Nails in Real Time 

Over the past several years, nail salons have been growing in popularity. Many girls and women are spending a long time searching for the right color, print, shape, and sticker before getting their nails done.

And with every Insta that gets posted or scrolled, the decision becomes that much harder! Should it be flirty red, classic French or sweet dusty rose?  

Make your clients happier and their decisions easier by letting them visualize the outcome ahead of time with computer vision and augmented reality technology. This way, they can have a fun and better customer experience. 

Which Technology Fascinated You the Most? 

AI and the beauty industry have had a close connection for a while now. But the new reality has made the relationship stronger – AI is indispensable for the survival of the beauty industry and its development. 

With the advancements of computer vision, cosmetic brands that would have never considered selling online are now able to reach customers they never would have been able to before.

It’s now more important than ever that beauty businesses embrace AI and integrate it into their operations because it will certainly provide them with new ways of connecting with customers. 

If you are a brand owner opt for AI & AR, and if you are a person who loves shopping online, you need to head over to a website powered by AI and get your first AI-based consultation right now. 

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