When you are scrolling through your social media posts, what attracts your eyes more? Most often, videos, properly-illustrated graphics, and GIFs draw our eyes. While text-based content has always been given due importance, creating visuals like charts, infographics, and graphs can do wonders catching your reader’s attention.

In marketing, color is an emotional cue. In an ocean of content marketing, it is the colors that help your efforts stand out. Colors are what get your audience to see what you want them to visualize. The type of colors you opt for also impacts your total marketing endeavors. This is what makes comprehending color psychology so important for your content’s success.

Poor color choice while using a video maker tool can adversely affect the overall popularity of your product videos. Get it wrong, and your great content would be easily ignored. Nowadays, color psychology concerns NASA too! NASA is providing free online resources to assist non-designers in selecting the right colors. So, let’s delve into the various aspects of color theory and its emerging role in marketing.

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What is Color Theory?

Color theory is referred to as the basis of the main rules and guidelines, which dictates its use in the creation of aesthetically pleasing visuals. By comprehending the basics of color theory, you would be well-aware of the logical structure of color. In simple words, this would help you to be efficient with color palettes.

The result is being able to evoke a specific emotion and vibe. Every time a consumer interacts with a brand, an opportunity exists for that specific company to influence the audiences’ perceptions. It is up to the marketer to select the colors and designs to convince the consumer to implement a buying decision.

By emphasizing on the psychology of color theory, marketers can understand specific branding techniques. To be frank, up to 90% of a person’s assessment of services and products is based on colors. What’s more? It is common for all of us to associate the personality of a brand with a specific color.

Significance of Color Theory for Online Marketing Campaigns

Color theory is of great importance to online marketing campaigns. When the eyes of a prospect settle on a specific color, the brain makes a decision. This decision is the prospect’s interpretation of the colors used by you.

Based on the colors, they may either feel interested or repulsed. It is important to note that great marketers play with various colors before finally settling for the final one. Well, one thing is already crystal clear – color impacts human psychology.

With the strategic content design, you can direct the prospect’s eyes where you want. The use of color harmony also has a great effect on the logical reasoning of the customers. For instance, the use of complementary colors can create a jarring effect.

On the other hand, the wise use of analogous shades infuses a sense of serenity. Thus, with the utilization of colors, a marketer can induce the right mood.

Basics of Color Theory

Color theory isn’t just for painters and designers. As marketers, it is of paramount importance to understand color theory basics.

  • Primary Colors

Primary colors refer to those colors which make all other colors. They are red, blue, and yellow. These three colors can be used to create secondary colors.

  • Secondary Colors

Well, the secondary colors are orange, green, and purple. They are created with the help of primary colors. Here is a color guide to make things easier:

  1. Red + Blue = Purple
  2. Blue + Yellow = Green
  3. Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Tertiary Colors

Tertiary colors are also known as two-name colors. They usually appear as red-purple, yellow-green, etc. Tertiary shades and colors are closer to primary colors than the secondary colors.

  • Pure Colors

Pure colors refer to those shades that are obtained without the addition of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Pure colors are more attractive to look at as they are intense and untainted.

  • Tones

If you add gray to a pure color, you create a tone. Often we hear people saying that the color needs to be toned down a little bit. This implies that they are asking to drop the intensity level of the color. With the addition of white and black, the color intensity can be subdued quickly.

  • Tints

When you add white to a pure color, you derive a tint. At times, we also call them pastel colors. Note that tints are lighter and don’t have the same intensity as the pure colors.

Contrasts Can Phenomenally Increase Conversion Rates

With the above facts in mind, as a marketer, you should also be aware of the fact that color contrast can increase conversion rates. It is a well-known fact that major contrasts can draw the prospects’ eyes to a specific element that you want to highlight. Since long, marketers have extensively used red and yellow to create contrasts. However, you can also innovate if you want to render a unique effect on your customers.

Colors and Customer’s Feelings

In terms of online platforms, the customers are not sitting in front of you. Hence, it is important to build a good impression with them. The subtle use of colors can help you make a good connection with your clients. For instance, people associate the color blue with trust and green with prosperity. It is often common to see luxury brands emphasizing more on gold and silver. Gold and silver denote sophistication and elegance.

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As a marketer, it is of paramount significance to be acquainted with the basics of color theory. In the realm of aggressive marketing, you can use colors to your maximum benefits. Colors can persuade one to make a buying decision. On the other hand, when used wisely, colors can distract the customer away from negative feelings. But, you should select the colors based on your target audience. After all, knowing the target audience inside-out would help you get maximum leads.

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