You have started doing pretty well on Amazon by doing optimization and running ads. You are selling items to the people but it lacks momentum. The next thing you must do is create an Amazon Brand Store. 

The best way to display your products and maintain the reputation of a brand. It is like a mini website for your business is it retail, wholesale, or home-based. Nevertheless, to do this you might need to go through this blog. You will understand how to set up your own Amazon Brand Store. You will come to know about:

  1. What is a Brand? 
  2. What is an Amazon Brand Store? 
  3. Importance of Amazon Brand Store
  4. Eligibility for Amazon Brand Store 
  5. Setting up Your Amazon Brand Store
  6. Best Practices for Amazon Brand Store
  7. Sum Up

What is a Brand? 

Any product, service, or concept that distinguishes itself from other products, services, or concepts in the market so that ease prevails in the market can be called a brand. Branding involves creating and disseminating the brand name, its qualities, and its personality. It can represent an entire company or just an individual product, service, or concept. 

David Ogilvy defined a brand as “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised.”

Some of the famous brands we know are Tim Hortons, Air Canada, Molson Brewery Canadian Tire, etc. Brand and public awareness are often used as a factor in evaluating a company. It has a name, design, or symbol, that gives a recognizable feeling like a product or business gives to a consumer.

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What are Amazon Brand Stores? 

Amazon Brand Store is a free content feature for vendors and sellers that lets you create your own branded online store on Amazon and highlight a collection of your products. It provides a great shopping experience for buyers thanks to its brand-centric appearance.

For instance, Amazon Basics is a brand store that provides you with everyday items like HDMI cables, batteries, and audio cables. You also find necessities like bed sheets, bath towels, and knife sets at this brand store at a good price. 

Amazon Brand Stores feature was once limited to 1P vendors only. Now it is available to every 3P seller registered on Amazon’s Brand Registry. One more thing that you should know is you do not have to be advertising on Amazon to create an Amazon store for your brand.

Some of the examples of the brand stores on Amazon are Vermont Teddy Bear, Big Dot of Happiness, Listerine, Privé Revaux, R+Co, and Vitamix stores are among them. 

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Importance of Amazon Brand Store

The most important thing about Amazon’s Brand Store is its brand presence. You are maintaining your brand reputation in the world’s most popular marketplace. A marketplace where everyone from elementary school students to brands like Coca-Cola spends most of their time curating their brand. You should know a stronger brand identity gives you more visibility, which further helps you dominate your niche in a competitive market.

You should also know that by branding your items you are creating an impression for your product listing and providing necessary information for Amazon’s A9 algorithm. If you upload great images, content, and detail into their listings correctly you are going to tap the emotional path to purchase exhibited by buyers on Amazon. Besides these, Amazon Brand Stores help you in:

  1. Establishing the Authenticity of your brand. People trust you when they know you are not a reseller of items but rather an authentic brand. In the long run, it increases your sales.
  2. Assisting in finding several products on a single page. Amazon Brand Store provides the organization that your client needs, leading to facilitation in sales and the likelihood of selling more items to your consumers. 
  3. Improving your organic ranking on Amazon.  Brand store pages not only increase your visibility and sales but also help you improve your organic rankings. You can improve your ranks in search results and surpass your rivals if you have a Brand Store for your Amazon business.
  4. Promoting new items to current customers. You can benefit from the Amazon Brand Store as you can market products to your clients and inform them about your latest products and items by sharing them on social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp. 
  5. Makes online shopping comfortable and convenient. Customers will find it simpler to purchase your goods directly from their phones as a result. Your products now look just as lovely on a mobile device as they would on a desktop screen thanks to improved responsive design.

Eligibility for Amazon Brand Store 

Anyone with a brand or brands that are successfully registered on the Amazon Brand Registry is qualified for an Amazon Brand Store. Distributors are also able to create a brand register on behalf of a brand they represent to become eligible for an Amazon Brand Store. It is free and accessible to vendors, agencies, and sellers. Keep in mind that opening a store does not require you to run ads on Amazon.

Setting up Your Amazon Brand Store

If you have not set up your Amazon Brand Store, the following are the steps to set up your Amazon Brand Store:

Step 1. Go to Brand Registry on and register yourself. 

Step 2. Once your brand is registered, log in with your Vendor or Seller account. Locate “Stores” on the dropdown menu then choose “Manage Stores”.

Step 3. Choose among the main areas of the builder are the Page Manager, Preview window, Tile Manager, and Status bar. There are different templates you need to decide on and choose the best for your business. 

After following these three steps click the “Submit for publishing” button, and you will receive a response from Amazon within 72 hours. If there are changes to be made, they will let you know what they are, but it is best to adhere to the Store Content Policies for a smooth approval process.

Best Practices for Amazon Brand Store

Here are a few of the best practices we suggest for a successful Amazon Brand Store experience:

1. Use high-quality images

Amazon Brand Stores should have pleasant visual experiences. Any online consumer should be fascinated as soon as they land on your Amazon Brand Store website. This includes photos for your brand as well as images of professional caliber for your items. Your consumers should be aware of your brand’s history and core values. Photos and videos are crucial in conveying this information.

2. Make a page for “about us”

You should tell them, what is your story? What is your uniqueness of you? Why should they trust you and your services? The success of a brand depends on the relationship between the seller and the consumer. 

3. Make a logical navigation menu

Sort your items on pages and subpages as per interest, category, product line, or age. For instance, Toys and Games and Baby businesses may set up their Amazon Brand Store by age.  Likewise, the organization of a sports company’s story may be based on the type of product—apparel, supplements, or accessories—or the sport—running, climbing, baseball, or football. The secret to Amazon’s success is that it is “consumer-oriented.” 

4. Include Your Entire Catalogue

each one of your listings will help you provide a reliable experience for your customers. The only situation in which this rule does not apply is if you have a single listing that sells terribly. In this case, you might not want to display it next to the other listings in your catalog that do well.

5. Utilize Your Online Store as a Marketing Tool

The Brand Stores are a beneficial resource for your Amazon business. Amazon Brand Stores perform amazingly well with sponsored brand ads, sponsored brand videos, Amazon posts, social media advertising, and influencer marketing.

6. Take Inspiration from an Existing Brand Store

You should not be ashamed of taking inspiration from an already-established Amazon Brand Store. We suggest you look up Canon, the well-known camera brand. Find out from the Amazon Brand Store page of Canon layouts that you like. The fonts that you want to use. The images and the videos you want to put in your store. One should potentially take inspiration from multiple sources. This can be a great leap for creating a new design, and you can modify it as you get more comfortable with the page.

Sum Up

It must be clear to you now that setting up an Amazon Brand Store can significantly benefit your company. It will help you from being a regular seller on Amazon to a well-known brand. This free, interactive tool can be a game changer for your business. You will find it hard and time-consuming for some time, but let me assure you it is very worthwhile, especially if you want to establish your business and earn good money.

The goal of the Amazon Brand Stores feature is to encourage brand-owning sellers to sign up for the Brand Registry. We all know that Amazon prefers to deal with brand owners rather than with resellers without brand ownership. Try to know more about Amazon Brand Store and always research before taking action. 

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