If you have a cache of used goods or items that you want to sell to make extra earnings, well there is good news for you. You can sell those goods or items on Amazon too. One thing that is good about Amazon is that you can list any old item that you are lying around your house like you could on eBay or Facebook Marketplace and sell it in certain categories. 

But Amazon is a big deal. As a fact for you to know, 200 million unique monthly customers prefer making their purchases with Amazon over any other store. In 2019 they impressively reported that small and medium-sized businesses sold about 4,000 items per minute. In light of these numbers, it is obvious that all retailers should at least consider listing their products on Amazon. Before getting to the action read this article to understand the procedure of selling used items on Amazon. 

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Do you know?

  • E-commerce in Canada has been blooming for the past few years. In 2019, 28.1 million Canadians made online purchases and 72% of those consumers shopped on Amazon Canada (or Amazon.ca). Amazon in Canada is a powerhouse. 
  • Launched in 2002 Amazon Canada has been growing ever since. It employs 25,000 Canadians as of 2021 and operates 46 warehouses, logistics, and delivery facilities across the country.
  • Around 40,000 Canadian sellers sold 110 million products on Amazon.ca, in the year 2022 compared with 60 million products in 2020 and 35 million in 2019. Almost doubling the sales. 
  • Amazon.ca is a fantastic alternative for small businesses and small vendors in Canadian states. 

In this article we are going to understand:

  • What are used items? Items not Accepted for Selling on Amazon
  • What items can and cannot be sold on Amazon?
  • Guide to Find and Sell Used Products on Amazon.
  • What do I need to do before selling used items on Amazon?
  • Tips to Sell Used Items Online
  • Conclusion

What are used items?

As per Amazon’s website, these are products that may have been owned by other customers before being put up for sale. These include products that are Open boxes and refurbished, as well as products with some signs of usage. Used products are further classified into various Offer Conditions based on their physical appearance, functionality, age, etc. 

The categories that Amazon offers are books, mobiles, tablets, and laptops. You should also know that the conditions of these items can be found on the same website and the delivery time for these products is the same as any other product on Amazon. The condition of an item is determined by these guidelines:

  1. Like New or Open Box. These items are in perfect condition. Most probably with intact original packing and with no damage. 
  2. Very Good. These items are well cared for and used very little. The working condition is very good and there are limited signs of wear and tear or small scratches. Anything missing is mentioned.
  3. Good. Fully functional, but the items show signs of wear and tear. There can be damage or repacking. There can be minor cosmetic damage with missing parts. 
  4. Acceptable. Fairly worn, and has been repackaged or is in damaged original packaging. Bears signs of wear such as scratches, dents, worn corners, or identifying markings. Parts, accessories, and instructions may be missing.

Items not Accepted for Selling on Amazon

Before selling your items, find out in which category they fall. Some of the reasons that Amazon rejects the items or considers them unacceptable are given below.

  • Filthy items, including used goods with heavy staining, mold growth, corrosion, and similar issues
  • Damaged items to the point that they’re no longer functional.
  • Items with missing parts that are essential to the operation of that item. Products that need to be fixed before they can be used
  • Counterfeit or a replica of another name-brand product. 
  • Items created for promotional purposes, such as demo discs and advanced copies of books
  • Expired, close to expiring (including “use by” and “sell by” dates), or don’t have an expiration date.
  • Items that the manufacturer deems unsellable. 

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What items can and cannot be sold on Amazon?

You can sell used items in these categories. But some restrictions in place keep you from selling certain items. If you’re not sure if your used items can be sold on the platform, the list below will be your guide.

Items that Can be Sold Items that Cannot be Sold
Device AccessoriesBaby Products (excluding apparel)
KindleBeauty Products
Automotive & PowersportsWatches
BooksToys & Games
Camera & PhotoSports Collectibles
Cell Phones & AccessoriesShoes & Handbags
Consumer ElectronicsJewelry and Ornaments
Home & GardenIndependent Designed Items
Industrial & ScientificHealth & Personal Care Items 
Kindle Accessories and Fire TVGrocery & Gourmet Food
AccessoriesFine Art Items 
Major AppliancesCollectible Coins
MusicEntertainment Collectibles
Musical InstrumentsClothing
Office Products 
Outdoor Stuff 
Personal Computers 
Pet Supplies 
Sports Gear 
Tools & Home Improvement Products 
Video, DVD & Blu-Ray CDs 
Video Games 

However, take note that collectibles follow a different set of conditions. Collectibles are those that provide more value than the actual product itself. For example, the item can be autographed.

Guide to Find and Sell Used Products on Amazon

You can find some of the used products in your house and earn from them. You can also go to garage sales and thrift stores. There are also liquidation panels where you can bid for items and then resell them on the website. Facebook Marketplace can be a great place to source second-hand goods from people looking to declutter their homes. 

Some people also sell their items online as they might be decluttering or are moving to another place and tend to sell their used items cheaper, so watch out for these kinds of posts. Craigslist listings are from people who are moving and just want to get rid of unused merchandise. There are many deals to be found

The e-commerce website gives you an option that offers Amazon Renewed. Through this, the sellers can list pre-owned and refurbished items that have met their performance and inspection criteria and sell them on their website. 

Not every item is eligible to be sold on the Renewed program. The strict requirements will typically only be met by experienced sellers. They do this to be sure the businesses selling like-new and refurbished items are legitimate and high-quality.

What do I need to do before selling used items on Amazon?

  1. Log in to your Amazon Account. If you are already a customer then login to the account. If not then register yourself and follow these next steps.
  2. Search items you want to sell. For instance, if you want to sell used books online. You should search for the books.
  3. Record the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). 
  4. In Seller Central, click Manage Inventory, then add Product. 
  5. Enter the ASIN of the item.
  6. Select the appropriate item condition from the drop-down menu.
  7. Next, click sell the product. 
  8. On the Offer page, fill in the price, condition, and fulfillment fields. 
  9. Adding condition notes as needed.
  10. List your item. 

Tips to Sell Used Items Online

  • Create a good product catalog by using really good images, and infographics and providing details. For example, if you are taking a photograph of an earring in the jewelry category, it should depict the size of a model and how it would look along with the dimensions of the earrings.
  • Use sponsored product items by using the Sponsored Product feature.
  • Use Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) and Amazon Prime. 
  • Depending upon what you are trying to tell and the people you are trying to reach choose the sales channels that suit your business. 
  • Package items with care by using the right boxes, including cushioning material, and sealing the package securely. 
  • Delight your customer with a customer-centric approach. Provide a good delivery experience and have a good product return policy. 

Summing It Up

Selling used items on Amazon is a great way to earn passive income without breaking your back. You can turn it into a secondary income stream by sourcing used items on several marketplaces. Hopefully, this article provides you with the information you need to sell used goods and satisfy your customers.

When you search for used items, check the product listing carefully to ensure you’re getting what you want. The listing should include information on the item’s condition and any notable impacts that may be present. It’s also wise to read customer reviews to see how well the product functions.

You’ve learned about the categories that allow the sale of used products, the various types of product conditions, and how to list used items on existing product detail pages. In a nutshell, all the information is needed to sell used items on Amazon!

Lastly, the e-commerce platform is eyeing old goods and the space of reselling those products as it works on expanding its e-commerce business. 

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