The fundamentals of digital marketing offer the groundwork for learners to understand how to use various digital marketing technologies to improve business value proposals and overall competitiveness. If you want to invest in Online Marketing and wish to hire a Digital Marketing Service Agency or become a Digital Marketing Specialist yourself, you have to learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

And the good news is that I am going to teach you all the basics of Digital Marketing for FREE. That too, in this 10 minute read.   

Overview of the Digital Marketing Landscape 

It is critical to assess your budget and available resources before you plan to invest your time in Digital Marketing. 79% of modern Marketers are using digital marketing to lure customers. Another 62% companies stated that they use Social Media Marketing to generate leads. Digital Ads spending of companies reached $455.30 billion. All this is just scratching the surface. 

Digital Marketing is only going to grow in the future with deeper penetration of the internet. The industry is lucrative for both business owners and aspiring marketers. 

As business owners or aspiring marketers mastering some digital marketing fundamentals and methods is important. You need to be great at analyzing so that you have a clear focus on growth. Digital Marketing Channels that have been used widely, must be known to you. You must also go through the campaigns that have worked well. This will help you gain a better understanding of the implementation of online marketing. 

In this article, we’ll look at fundamental areas of digital marketing knowledge and the opportunities you’ll want to take advantage of.

Introduction to Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

All modern marketing tactics to reach target clients over the internet are included in digital marketing. Ads that succeed on TV, now have given way to Ads on OTT. Similarly, radio or newspaper ads have given way to podcasts and social media.

The internet has given us the power to choose. We don’t just consume anything that comes our way, we only consume what we want to. This has led to the polarization of minds for sure, but that’s a different story. 

The basic areas of Digital Marketing are as follows:

  1. User Interface and User Experience on Digital Devices 
  2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  3. Paid Digital Advertising or Pay Per Click/PPC 
  4. Social Media Marketing or SMM
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Video Marketing 

1. User Interface and User Experience on Digital Devices

The goal of your digital presence is to bring potential buyers to a company’s website in an attempt to make them buy a product or a service. As a result, the website must be of high quality, serving the aim of the business and converting potential clients into actual customers.

The website’s material must be helpful and easily understandable for customers to find what they’re looking for. As such the app or the website where we want customers to take the action has to be fast loading, easily accessible, with a clear user interface. The interface should be intuitive to make the use of the app or the website easy to navigate. That is the first thing that anyone has to focus on. So, yes website development is a part of the overall concept of digital marketing. Everything starts from there. 

Just to help you out, in case you are building a startup, you should consider the following points before building a website without blowing its entire budget.

  • A good hosting platform is required to stay in business and grow in the digital world. A strong hosting platform delivers important resources, such as file storage, email hosting, server space, databases, and more. It has to make sure that the maintenance of the app or the website is seamless. 
  • The domain should be short and should include the company’s or brand’s name. Before designing and branding a company’s website, it’s a good idea to keep the user in mind.
  • Strong and effective content management system is a must to use. You can use WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Magento, Drupal to enter the service industry and opt for Shopify if you are going to start an eCommerce website.  
  • Quality content produces the best results by addressing the clients’ individual needs. The website’s material, which can range from one-page text to infographics or films, must be presented in a way that assists shoppers and potential shoppers. It should be both educating and entertaining. 

  2. Search Engine Optimization

Most buyers go for online research using search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo before making a major purchase choice. As a result, company websites must be search engine optimized. The websites must be designed and written in such a way that potential customers can reach them whenever they put in a query on search engines regarding the products that the website has on offer. 

In a nutshell, SEO increases a website’s visibility in organic search engine rankings. It also ensures that the website is following best practices to achieve a high SERP ranking. Because SEO is a fast-paced competitive market that is always blossoming, businesses must make regular attempts to stay afloat, even if the outcomes aren’t always productive. 

It is good to opt for the services of an SEO Consultant instead of trying to do it yourself if you don’t know how to do it. 

To stay relevant and important in searches, both enterprises and startups must have an SEO plan. SEO strategy assists in focusing on a large number of keywords in order to increase website traffic. Btw, even getting into news through effective press releases is good for your SEO. 

Some important things to consider when doing SEO. These are all beginner-friendly. 

  • To a potential visitor, the headline and meta-description of a website page are critical bits of information. As a result, the title and descriptions must be relevant, as they appear as headings in search engine results.
  • The sitemaps must be current, and the website’s material must be presented suitably to address all of the questions that ideal customers may have. Both Search Engine Bots and Humans must be able to navigate easily. 
  • To stay competitive, you must choose the correct keywords that are relevant to your business.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising 

PPC is another name given to online digital advertising that is used to attract customers to a company’s website. PPC is a broad notion. Paid advertising can be done on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo and it is also done on social media platforms. Each of them has its importance.  

Digital Advertising is not restricted to advertisements appearing at the top or right side of search engine results. There are multiple ways to do it, some involve search engines, some social media networks while some involve other third-party websites. To make SEM a successful attempt, the following elements must be considered:

  • The campaign must be linked to relevant keywords and ad groups that function together.
  • It is vital to place the ads at a very convenient location in order for them to be successful.
  • You always need to consider the overall buying process in terms of customer thinking, also called the consumer journey. 

4. Social Media Marketing

SMM, or Social Media Marketing, is quickly gaining traction as a valuable tool for boosting online word-of-mouth for branding. Today, millions of people use social media to discuss a variety of topics, including their favorite brands and services. As a result, businesses have begun to use social media platforms for marketing and branding, as they deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Before starting a social media campaign, make sure you have a clear goal in mind. And you must try to have a Content Strategy in place if you really wish to succeed. 

The content produced on Social Media must include meaningful, relevant information for public viewing, as well as photographs or content that should be updated regularly. That is really something fundamental. 

Around the clock, if there is someone available to react to concerns and comments, it is better. Various businesses make use of well-known social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others for promoting their ideas and products.

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5. Email Marketing

Though email marketing isn’t as effective as it was once, it still has a significant impact on maintaining relationships with current consumers and businesses. 48% of B2B Marketers claim that Email helps in closing more clients. Email marketing requires you to be both creative and technical. You have to be geeks to set your email marketing sequences. And you must be witty to make use of the setup with enticing copies and graphics. 


  • Customers should receive emails with a compelling subject line to catch their attention. 
  • Since spam filters screen emails, spammy language must be avoided in business letters; otherwise, the message will fail to capture the attention of customers.

6. Content Marketing 

They say that ‘Content is the King’, I say, ‘Content Marketing is the Kingmaker’. Unless you know how to market your content properly, you can never be able to win big. Following a Content Marketing Consultant will help you to develop expertise in the field whether it be video marketing, blogging, podcasting, etc.

Get Acting on What You Learn

Because each company or concept has a unique approach, its digital marketing plan will be unique as well. But the digital marketing fundamentals won’t change. As a result, the strategy would be devised after taking into account the business purpose as well as the individual needs of customers.

If you wish to market your company on the online front, I can help. Along with my team, we are here to help you with all kinds of Digital Marketing Services such as Website Development, Copywriting, SEO, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Paid Advertising and Content Marketing.

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