As long as businesses exist, marketing is going to exist too. Due to rapid digitalization in the entire world, digital marketing has become the most preferred and used marketing strategy. Not only does it guarantee a higher ROI but is also more cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing.

Needless to say, the future of digital marketing in the entire world is quite promising. Here, in this article, we will take a look at its ‘why’. 

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11 Reasons Why Future of Digital Marketing is Bright

The scope of digital marketing is bright, and here’s why:

1. The internet user base is HUGE

There are around 800 million people who use the internet everyday; and this number is only going to rise. Considering the huge user base that the internet has, there is no better marketplace than the online world.

Numerous users, especially youngsters spend a huge chunk of their time online. These days, whether somebody wants to buy a new gadget or get information on a tourist place, the first instinct is to turn to the internet for answers. 

Thus, businesses are using the internet as a tool to market their products or services as this trend isn’t going to diet anytime soon.

2. Government Initiatives

Various initiatives aim to transform the third world countries into a digitally empowered societies. While these initiative were launched to ensure that the Government’s services are made available electronically to citizens, the campaign ultimately envisions increasing and improving internet connectivity.

The initiatives also aim to connect the rural areas with high-speed internet networks and promote digital literacy. This means that there will be ample opportunities in the rural areas as well. With an increased number of internet connections and a more digitally equipped society, the future of digital marketing is definitely bright.

3. Allows Global Reach

While traditional marketing methods only allow marketers to reach a domestic audience, digital marketing allows a global reach.

A person sitting in Canada can sell his products or services to a person sitting in the USA, Europe, Middle East or in any other part of the world for that matter. The reach of digital marketing is so huge that it helps target numerous people at once by specifying the location. Moreover, social media, an important aspect of digital marketing, enables a person to connect with another person situated anywhere in the world.

This added benefit is yet another reason that shows why digital marketing is here to stay. 

4. Cost Effective with High ROI

As compared to other conventional marketing tactics, digital marketing is quite cost effective and also guarantees a higher ROI.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on any other form of marketing, digital marketing techniques can be used for this purpose for a much lesser cost. In fact, a marketer can place his ad on Facebook for as little as $3 per day. 

5. Everyone is Shifting to ‘Digital’

More and more people are now realizing the immense scope and benefits of going digital. All new businesses that are emerging are turning towards the digital world either for selling their products or providing more information to their consumers. They are using digital marketing to its full capacity to market their businesses.

Not just new businesses but old businesses too have started realizing the potential of digital. They are also shifting their mode of operation to mostly digital. 

This proves that the future of digital marketing in the country looks very promising.

6. Higher Engagement Rate

Social media platforms are literally crowded with people. Since people spend a significant amount of time on these platforms, the engagement rate with digital marketing is pretty high.

Whether it is influencers using this platform for content creation and brand promotion or brands using it directly to interact more with their consumers, a higher engagement rate is helping several people and businesses earn lakhs.

7. Rapidly growing industry

Digital marketing is an industry that is rapidly growing in India. In fact, the industry is growing at a rate of 30% to 40% year on year. 

Since the trend of digital marketing set off a few years ago, the industry has only seen immense growth. As a result, there are numerous job opportunities within this industry.  

And these job opportunities are only expected to grow.

8. Rapid increase in the number of startups

Did you know that India is one of the top countries when it comes to startups? The number of innovative businesses, ecommerce platforms, cafes, restaurants and other enterprises is rapidly increasing in India.

And as long as new businesses keep on opening, digital marketing is going to stand strong. Since that is the preferred way of marketing these days, the future of digital marketing is certainly bright.

9. More job opportunities

We already discussed that digital marketing is a booming industry and why its demand is so high. And since its demand is high, naturally, it is also creating a host of job opportunities.

To give in to the high demand, more and more digital marketing companies are also opening up. This is creating ample scope for a number of people to begin their career in. From working as a freelancer to an in-house marketer to joining a digital marketing firm, the opportunities are plenty.

10. Everyone can have a place in digital marketing

Opportunities in the digital marketing industry aren’t limited to people with only a certain skill set or abilities. Whether a person has a creative bent of mind or an analytical bent, there’s something for everyone in the digital marketing world.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether a person belongs to the Science, Arts or Commerce background as everyone can work in this industry.

11. Availability of specialized advanced courses

It isn’t really difficult to get into digital marketing these days. There are a host of institutes and universities that are offering specialized courses in the same.

There are several advanced level courses too that can be done either online or by physically attending classes. 

Over to You

Here were 11 reasons why the future of digital marketing in India is bright for the years to come. And this should be enough to get you started and push you into the game of Digital Marketing.

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