In the cosmetics industry, there is so much competition with and amongst established brands. And if that’s not enough, then consider that new brands are always popping up too!

So, what does that mean? 

Well, it simply means that for entrepreneurs to thrive, they need to deal with a lot of competition and challenges.

If you’re interested in starting your own small cosmetic brand or have your own already, you need to stay ahead of competitors and grow your company. And for this, you need a good marketing plan. There aren’t any “get rich quick” schemes – just a lot of hard work! 

Last year, the United States beauty and cosmetics market totaled $60 billion and was composed of 4 main segments:

  1. Makeup
  2. Fragrances/perfumes
  3. Skincare/lotions
  4. Hair care products 

Similar to our neighbours, in Canada, the cosmetics industry has been on the rise and is expected to increase further by 2026. In June 2021, there were more than 2,000 suppliers in Canada that sold cosmetic, beauty supplies, and perfume. 

If you want to grow your cosmetic brand… stay right here for some practical tips!  

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10 Marketing Tips for the Beauty Industry

Whatever be the product you sell, as long as you do your basics right, and stay persistent in your efforts, you are going to be good. Follow these steps and see cash flow to you.

1. Generate Online Sales 

The best way to market your beauty brand is via the internet.

Why? It’s where EVERYONE shops! Amazon, Ebay, or Shopify are perfect platforms to get you started.  

When you create your website, do it right. Don’t just DIY!

To save a few thousand dollars, you will potentially lose millions in revenue. Hire a professional website consultant to make an awesome website that reflects your business and its values.  

Here are some tips on how to create a good e-commerce website.  

  • Make sure there is relevant and informative content with descriptions and quality images of your products and their prices 
  • Make it SEO-responsive as well as responsive to other promotional activities you may feature   
  • Make sure it’s easy and looks clean  
  • Include social media buttons for people who want to follow your business.  
  • Make it user-friendly by including navigational features like search bars and filters 
  • Make sure the flow, user experience, and the checkout are flawless 

(Take a look at this website as an example – The Best You, Canada’s Top Medical Aesthetics Clinic. It is a brand that has impressed me a lot.) 

2. Invest in AI 

This is the era of artificial intelligence (AI). People love getting advice on skincare products and cosmetics. But sometimes it’s just not convenient to go out just to buy a sunscreen, for example. It costs you time and money.  

This is the OPPORTUNITY you need to capitalize on!

Help your clients by investing in technology like the best you shop. They have an AI skin analysis software tool that captures your photograph and then after asking a few questions about skincare concerns, provides recommendations for the products and services that would best meet the individual’s need.

The good thing is that it is completely customized to the specific user!  

The best and most important part is that clients will love this simplicity and trust the genuine advice that comes from an impartial AI solution.  

3. Dive Deep into Social Networking 

Social channels like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube make it easy to sell your products. They allow you to reach the right audience and sell to many potential customers. 

You’ll need to post interesting content and visuals often to get your business ranking higher on all the channels.  

It’s important to make sure that your beauty brand has a dedicated page for your cosmetic products on all the popular social channels.

Again, don’t DIY! Use a professional to make it look professional.  

A few things to consider related to Social Media Marketing

  • Start a YouTube channel – this is a MUST! 
  • Post regularly – If you are not consistent, you will not win this game  
  • Share your wins with your community – Showcase positivity 

4. Request Influencers to Review Your Products 

An effective way to promote your cosmetic brand is to request reviews from well-known people in the industry. A lot of beauty bloggers have tons of subscribers and viewers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

You can request influencers to include your new cosmetic products on their list of product reviews. If they agree, then your product should receive the exposure and recognition it deserves due to the influencer’s followers. 

5. Have a Unique Design  

All the global brands have one thing in common: brilliant design.

Design is extremely important in business promotion. From your logo to your font and colours, have a specialist create a complete brand guideline for you.  

If you’re thinking of starting your own cosmetic company, you should consider having a logo that stands out from the crowd. It’ll make it easy for your potential customers to identify your brand and it will make it look more professional.  

But a logo is just the starting point, you need much more than that. In Canada, people who shop online are interested in top notch UI/UX designs. So, pay attention to how your website looks on a desktop, mobile and even a tablet. What looks better, sells better! 

6. Start Selling to Small Retail Stores 

Big box retailers may not be a good fit for you right now. Large retailers are going to purchase from the companies that only sell products for those large retail stores.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your own business, find some smaller or mid-size retailers and start with them. 

Your small company might be hesitant to offer samples for retailers to view, but if these stores agree to sell your product line, it starts generating revenue and awareness for your company right away. 

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7. Create Distributors 

Your business volume will rise quickly if you can get some wholesale distributors interested in your beauty products. Many retailers prefer buying their inventories from wholesalers rather than purchasing directly from companies or individual manufacturers.

If you can successfully sell your products to the distributors, your volume of sold products will be much greater as compared to selling at one store. 

8. Participate in Trade Shows 

Fortunately, across Canada, there are numerous beauty events and cosmetics trade shows. These are good opportunities for you to promote your company to prospective buyers, such as wholesalers, retailers, and the general masses. Remember, you have a website to directly sell to your customers.  

Advertising and exhibiting at trade shows can get pricey, but it pays off in the end. You’ll have the floor all to yourself as retailers and customers see your products while sifting through everyone else. 

NOTE: Before the tradeshow, have your business cards ready. Your contact information as well as a description of what you’re selling/doing should be on the card. There are also other types of cards, like event cards and referral cards – look at them and decide which one is the best fit for you.  

9. Contact Independent Sales Representatives 

A lot of small business owners are unfamiliar with independent sales reps. Until you figure this piece out, reach out to someone that specializes in direct sales.  

You can also hire individual sales representatives who will be able to sell the company’s products. Contact those people who make their living by selling.

These reps often work with big stores to place your products at the right location. Most sales reps work on a contract basis, others on commission and you have discretion in determining what you want them to do for you.  

10. Distribute Flyers 

Flyers contains images and information about your product and at times, may be folded into a brochure. They also have information about other incentives (e.g., a discount offer) and your contact details. 

If you want to promote your small business, one effective way to do it is by distributing flyers at markets in your area. Just stand there and hand them out! Flyers still work in Canada – so take advantage of this marketing tool!  

Concentrate on having a good graphic design aided by a great offer.

11. Offer Awesome Deals 

Retailers know that people are attracted to appealing offers. For example, a cosmetic company knows that if they post huge discounts on their products, then customers will be more likely to buy them before the offer ends.

So, consider offering them a deal on key cosmetics products that they wouldn’t want to miss out on and motivate them to buy. 

With this, I say, that’s it for today!

Which marketing tips will you try first to promote your cosmetic brand? 

Promoting a small business isn’t easy, but if you are consistent and just stick with it, you will be successful!  

A final word of caution – don’t try to do everything yourself. Work to your strengths and hire the experts to do the other stuff – it will be money well spent! 

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