We are living in an era of startups where young and old entrepreneurs alike are on the rise more than ever. Numerous people around the world are realizing their dreams and coming up with unique business ideas.

Toronto, Ontario’s capital and one of the most prominent cities in the world is also a hub when it comes to startups. Home to some of the biggest companies in the world, the city is also witnessing a sharp rise in startups.

So, if you wish to know about some of the top startups in the city then you are at the right place. Several startups have been founded in Toronto in the past few years and we have compiled this list of some of them for you to read and enjoy.

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Top 21 Startups in Toronto

Startups in Toronto are driven by innovation and speed. Some of the finest startups of the world we live in are based out of Toronto. Let’s take a look.

1. Opencare

The first startup that we will tell you about is called Opencare. Founded in 2012, Opencare has basically created a platform and curated a network of top-rated dentists across North America

This Toronto-based startup is one of the fastest-growing companies and has partnered with thousands of dentists so far. The platform has enabled people to find local top-rated dentists in their area with ease. With Opencare, the founders have brought a modern approach to a traditional industry. 

2. YourTable

The next Toronto-based startup that we will tell you about is called YourTable. The idea behind this startup was to connect people eating alone. It was found that about 67% of Canadians eat alone and YourTable aims to solve this problem.

YourTable basically connects one with people who can eat and network together by discovering their mutual interests. The users have a choice of connecting with a person virtually while eating or even opting for dining in at restaurants. The mission behind this startup is to end loneliness and build friendships as well as professional relationships through food.

3. DirtMarket

DirMarket is also one of the top startups in Toronto. This startup aims to solve Ontario’s soil crisis. The company provides earthmovers, municipalities, construction teams, etc. with digital tools that make soil reuse cost-effect as well as more accessible.

That startup was launched in 2021 and today, it has built a community of more than 1000 members so far. With over 200 active projects, DirtMarket is helping solve the issue of soil reuse quite effectively. The company is striving to reduce the CO2 emissions that are spent on soil movement and thus, making the world a greener and cleaner place.

4. Kepler Communications

Founded in 2015, Kepler Communications is a company that deals in satellite communications. The company has a mission of building the internet in space. Kepler Communications provides real-time communications to satellites, space stations, etc. 

With its products, the company is helping reduce the time that is needed to retrieve data. The company is also building an AETHER network that will allow real-time telemetry along with reducing the incidence of collisions. Along with AETHER, the company also has another product called Global Data Service that helps move any amount of data on Earth.

5. Wealthsimple

The next on our list of the top 21 startups in Toronto is a company called Wealthsimple. It was founded in 2014 and it is basically an online investment management service. Wealthsimple is basically targeted towards millennials and helps them simplify banking and investment. 

One of Canada’s best-known startups, WealthSimple provides various tools that one can use to easily manage savings, investments as well as other finances. The team consists of the best finance experts who come together to give their users the best-ever solutions.

6. Optimyzed Brain

Optimyzed Brain makes use of digital technology and helps optimize one’s brain power. This enables one to achieve ambitious business goals faster. With the use of Optimyzed Brain, business owners or others can help keep stress, lack of sleep, or burnout at bay and use their brain power to achieve maximum goals.

The startup is founded by a licensed engineer who specializes in brain power optimization. This startup is Canada’s first science-based brain performance optimization system meant for founders that helps increase focus, mental clarity, productivity, and more.

7. Total Mom

The next Toronto-based startup that we will tell you about is called Total Mom. Total Mom aims to empower and support moms all around the globe through their personal as well as professional programs.

As the name suggests, the platform is meant for moms and helps them provide the support that they truly need. It offers memberships to moms all around the world and through its products, services, and platforms, helps moms everywhere. It provides all kinds of help to moms whether it is mentorship, how-tos, making meaningful connections, or something else.

8. integrate.ai

The next on our list of the top 21 startups in Toronto is a startup called integrate.ai. A startup that was founded in 2017, integrate.ai makes use of machine learning along with cross-industry intelligence and helps in predicting the needs of customers.

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Having worked for Facebook and Instagram previously, the founder Steve Irvine comes with immense expertise as well as experience. His company integrate.ai helps deliver insights that bring about meaningful business outcomes. Integrate.ai is also ranked as one of the most sought-after startups to work for in the country.

9. Ada

Ada, another Toronto-based startup is an AI-powered chatbot that enables businesses to directly talk to their prospective customers. A startup that was founded in 2016, Ada has over 100 employees today. Ada is revolutionizing the way that brands respond to their customers. 

The startup aims to improve customer interactions and as a result, improve the overall customer experience. Ada is helping several brands build relationships and trust and lifting the bar for brand interactions. On the other hand, Ada is ensuring meaningful experiences for the customers.

10. Justo

The next startup on our list of the 21 top startups in Toronto is called ‘Justo’. It is a tech-enabled real estate brokerage that provides its customers with superior service, fair prices, and transparency.

Justo aims to change the way real estate brokerage has been seen for years and end the frustration for buyers as well as sellers. It is changing the traditional system and adopting one that is beneficial for both buyers and sellers. So far, Justo has helped save its clients thousands of dollars. The startup is committed to providing excellent services to its client and that too at an affordable price.

11. Borrowell

A fintech startup, Borrowell offers Canadians free access to their credit score. The startup also offers a host of other financial products such as bill tracking, banking, personal loans, and much more.

Founded in 2014, Borrowell has over two million members so far and the startup is the first in Canada to offer free credit scores. Apart from its financial products, the startup also gives personalized tips and tools that help its users meet their financial goals. The funding for the company has been good. American Express, National Bank, and Capital One are some of Borrowell’s trusted partners.

12. Mejuri

Started in 2013, Mejuri is a fine jewelry brand that offers handcrafted everyday wear jewelry at comparatively lower prices. Mejuri offers all kinds of stylish and trendy jewelry whether it is finger rings, necklaces, or earrings.

The startup sells direct to customers at the fraction of the cost as compared to traditional retail. While it was founded in 2013, the brand was relaunched in 2015. The brand’s founder started Mejuri with a vision that her jewelry would encourage women to treat themselves, support others, and uplift and empower them.

13. Railz

The next on our list, Railz, is a fintech startup that is building the largest financial data network. The startup aims to be a solution that automates the data collection and analysis process. This way, accounting data can be used for real-time decision-making through an easy API.

Railz has raised a whopping $12 million USD in 2021 in Series A funding. With Railz, a user can access and analyze Zero, Quickbooks, and other such popular accounting platforms.

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14. EssayJack

The next on our list of the 21 top startups in Toronto is called ‘EssayJack’. This startup was founded by two professors to help students succeed in academic writing. Since then, the startup has grown tremendously and won several awards as well.

EssayJack helps students with useful tips and tricks that help them write essays quickly, cut down the writing stress, and get better grades. The startup also works with leading education companies like British Council, Grammarly, iGroup, and more. The startup has helped several students with writing to date.

15. Node

The next Toronto-based startup that we will talk about on this list is called Node. Node has been featured in National Post, City News, as well as Toronto Star. It is basically a private platform that enables brands to convert their inventory into pictures as well as videos. 

The startup also functions as a marketplace for gifting and rewards influencers and photographers with complementary goods. In exchange for that, the influencers and photographers create social media posts for them. So, Node is a platform that is meant for both businesses as well as content creators. This Startup’s Marketing has been awesome.

16. BLSH Delivery

BLSH stands for buying local, stay home. The startup offers on-demand delivery for anything, anytime, and anywhere. Starting from just two deliveries a day, BLSH has gone to over 100 deliveries a day in just a short span of time. 

The idea behind this startup was to improve delivery for small businesses that struggle with delivery. At the same time, customers can get anything ordered and delivered right to their doorstep. BLSH delivery also offers affordable pricing for every delivery that the company does. The startup has a huge courier network that gets customers their orders speedily.

17. Relay

The next on our list of the top 21 startups in Toronto is a company called Relay. Founded in 2018, Relay is basically a digital bank that offers services to small enterprises. The startup helps automate financial management for all kinds of small businesses.

It is a fintech startup that offers banking, data integration, as well as other financial services. The startup aims to improve the lives of small business owners globally and empower them. It is a venture-backed startup and its main focus is on customer satisfaction.

18. Sherpa

Started in 2015, Sherpa is basically a travel technology startup. Sherpa’s mission is to let travelers move freely anywhere around the world and change the way that the world’s leading travel providers look at travel identification.

The startup basically helps businesses identify the ever-changing requirements of travelers. Sherpa strives to help travelers smoothly navigate through travel without having to worry about complex rules and regulations, guidelines, and more. The startup offers various products such as eVisa and eHealth Ancillaries, travel restrictions, and eTA status. Sherpa is a complete guide to travel identification requirements so that travelers can move freely.

19. ContentFly

The next startup that we will talk about on this list of the top startups in Toronto is called ‘ContentFly’. It was started in 2018 and offers monthly subscriptions for on-demand content marketing. No matter what the business needs might be, ContentFly caters to them all. The startup has a huge network of content writers that can cater to clients with any business need.

Whether it is landing page copies, blogs, social media posts, or more, ContentFly covers it all. The startup has the top 1% of content writers who help deliver the best content to their clients.

20. Swyft

Swyft was started in 2020 to provide same-day logistics to the B2B marketplace. The idea behind it was to bring ultra-fast delivery at the best possible rates. The startup is technology-based and makes it all possible through software. Swyft is completely an asset-free startup that aims to bring affordability to B2B marketplaces.

21. BlackCart

The last on our list is a startup called BlackCart that basically offers a try-before-you-buy platform for eCommerce. Started in 2017, BlackCart aims to eliminate the fear and uncertainty associated with online shopping while improving conversions, order values, as well as net revenues at the same time.

Over to You

In this article, we told you about the 21 top startups in Canada. Which out of these 21 startups did you find the most interesting and why? 

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