Career counselling has become the need of the hour. With around 350 million student population in India, thousands of career options and yet, a lack of awareness of numerous of these options is bound to leave any student in a dilemma. That is where a career counsellor comes to your rescue.

To ensure that you choose a career that you both love and enjoy, you need to take the right step in the right direction. But, how do you do that; especially with an array of options available and yet no clarity?

A consultation with a career mentor won’t just open you up to numerous options that you probably didn’t even know existed but depending upon your skills, strengths, weaknesses and interests, this counsellor will guide you on what’s best for you.

But hey, did you know that choosing the right career guide is just as important as choosing the right career itself? Well, yes, with this important decision that might make or break your life, choosing a reliable counsellor is of utmost importance.

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11 Top Career Counsellors in India {Independent Study} 5

Lucky for you, we have saved you the time and energy by compiling this list.

Top 11 Career Counsellors in India

#1. Ayush Bansal

Ayush Bansal is the Founder and CEO of iDreamCareer, a platform that offers unbiased career counselling to its students. With an MBA in Finance and after having worked as an investment banker, Ayush founded iDreamCareer in 2012. He strongly believes that if you want to make a positive impact in young students’ lives, unbiased and structured career planning is the way to do it. The company was established with a motto of creating an impact in the ed-tech sector. 

Today, Ayush has a team of 25 passionate members and they work with a whopping 2.5 million students each year! Spread across 105 districts in India, iDreamCareer has 850+ certified career counsellors. The company provides complete career guidance to students of classes 9th to 12th and also college students as well as undergrads through systematic methods. 

The company is also currently associated with 48,000 schools across India and Middle East and extensively works with them to provide quality career guidance to students. Their counselling process is comprehensive and up to date with today’s technological advancements.

Ayush and his dedicated team members have made it possible for thousands of students to choose a path that they truly love. This makes Ayush Bansal and his platform, iDreamCareer one of the best in the country. If you are looking for a career guide, this is your place to go!

#2. Sudheer Sandra

With his passion for psychology and love for meeting people, Sudheer Sandra is a career mentor. Also a motivational speaker and life coach, he has vowed to help students and professionals find their right career path. 

To understand why so many people are indecisive when it comes to choosing a career, he pursued formal career counsellor training. Since then, there has been no looking back for him and he has helped several students find their path.

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#3. Hemlatha Sriram

Hemlatha Sriram is a career advisor and the founder of Meru Career Counselling. Based in Chennai, she helps students and professionals find their right career. She offers her services not just in Chennai and other parts of India but also in Dubai, Muscat, Kuwait etc.

Being good at giving advice and having a friendly nature, she has always been the ‘go-to’ person for her friends and family for advice. Today, she has successfully set up a career mentoring agency and created a name for herself in the industry.

#4. Kavitta Mehtta

Kavitta Mehtta is the founder of 3RDiCounselling, a company that aids students and young professionals choose the right courses abroad. If you dream of pursuing an education and career abroad, Kavitta is the perfect career mentor for it. 

She has helped students explore options in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand- among many others. 

#5. Manish Naidu

Yet another career counsellor, Manish Naidu is the founder of Brainwonders. Brainwonders is a career counselling centre that focuses on psychological grooming, occupational growth and talent maximization. The counselling centre conducts various tests like IQ, psychometric, aptitude tests to help you find your right career path.

The team consists of 100+ dedicated clinical, counselling and career psychologists.

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11 Top Career Counsellors in India {Independent Study} 6

#6. Suraj Bajaj

A Wharton graduate, Suraj Bajaj is the founder of Collegepond. Collegepond is an online and offline career counselling, admission counselling and test preparation centre.

Founded in 2003, the company boasts of a 97% admission success rate.

#7. Vaibhav Datar

From being an IT professional, Vaibhav Datar isn’t just a career advisor but also a life coach. He is also a published author and has counselled thousands of people.

Based in Mumbai, he is one of the top career counsellors in India.

#8. Anuradha Kishore

With over 20 years of industrial experience spanning across various industries, Anuradha Kishore is a career counsellor. She is the founder of ‘Growth Axis’. She aims to help students everywhere become better versions of themselves.

Growth Axis helps students with personal career counselling, making them aware about the various options available, helping them make well-informed decisions etc.

#9. Rahul Dasondi

Yet another top career counsellor in India is Rahul Dasondi. He has founded ‘Career Achievers 360’. A mechanical engineer by qualification, he later went on to become a certified career counsellor.

Along with taking workshops at various schools and colleges, he also works with NGOs. 

#10. Sonila Mishra

Another top career mentor in India is Sonila Mishra. She is the founder of ‘Latityude’ and has a professional experience of 18+ years. She is a certified Global Career counsellor. Sonila Mishra has counselled over 2000 professionals and school and college students. 

#11. Dr. Ashwin Raje

He is the co-founder of ‘Brain Checker Techno Services’. With 12+ years of experience in the Education and Insurance industry, he co-founded Brain Checker. The company has 750+ franchises in 23 Indian states. The company was founded with an aim to bring about a change in the career choosing process and enhance quality decision making.

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11 Top Career Counsellors in India {Independent Study} 7

Over to You

Here, I have shared a list of the top 11 career counsellors in India. Hope you make the best decision when choosing one for yourself. But mind you, career counselling should be a priority before taking up any career related decision.

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