Today, our world runs on content. Business owners constantly need to produce it in order to keep their audience engaged. And if you have a website, you probably know how much content you need to keep it running. It is basically a driving force for growing your business. 

However, with managing your company and everything, it can often get difficult for you to write your own content. After everything you’re already doing, writing the content yourself is probably the last thing that you want to do. And that’s where a freelance content writer comes to your rescue. Along with having your content professionally written, you also have your load shared to a great extent.

But finding a good writing freelancer isn’t always an easy task. Many times, writers apply to freelance content writer jobs but they aren’t good enough. When looking for content writer freelance, it is important to find one who is competent and reliable enough. Let me tell you why.

More than half of the internet users use the web to research products and services. And if you fail to provide the information that the user is looking for, you basically miss out on a huge opportunity for growth. Thus, what kind and quality of content goes on your website matters a lot more than you might think.

But, how do you save yourself from hiring the wrong person? And how do you find a reliable freelance website content writer?

If these questions are bothering you as well, then read on. In this article, I share with you some great tips on how you can find a great content writer suitable for your company.

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How to tell whether a content writer freelance is a good choice?

Here are some ways to tell whether a writer is a good fit and will get the job done well and on time. After you receive responses for your freelance content writer job, look out for these signs.

The writer has good communication skills

Now you might wonder what communication skills have to do with finding a good content writer freelance? Well, it does. How the writer communicates, responds to emails, his/ her way of talking speaks a lot about the writer’s work ethics. Does he/ she sound polite and professional? A writer who is good and confident enough will ask you questions. Your first communication with the writer will give a lot away. So, pay close attention to how they communicate.

The writer charges professional rates

A professional writer will know his/ her worth and will charge accordingly. While mediocre writers might agree to work on a low pay, professional writers will stick to their rates. The rate may change depending upon the writer’s experience, the kind of project and the kind of field as well. While you don’t always need to hire an expensive writer, this is mostly a sign that the writer is experienced enough.

While these two things are important to keep in mind when hiring someone for a freelance content writer job, here are some more tips for you.

How to hire a Kickass Freelance Content Writer?

Take a look at their writing samples

Taking a look at the writer’s previously written samples will give you an idea of their writing style. You will get to know the flow of their writing, how good their vocabulary is and how sound are they at grammar. You can ask them to send the links of their previously published work or check out their blog or portfolio (if they have any). This will give you a good idea whether the writer is a suitable fit for your company or not. Additionally, you can also ask the freelance website content writer to write a sample for you on an assigned topic. 

Have an informal interview

Arrange a phone call with your writer. This will help you to know more about the writer’s personality. Get to know about these things on the call:

  • How long has the writer been writing professionally?
  • What are the different areas that he/ she has written about?
  • What is their process of writing an article or a blog?
  • How much time will he/ she be able to dedicate to your company on a daily basis?
  • Are they open to writing on the topics that are related to your business?

Also share with the writer the details about your company and tell what is expected from him/ her precisely. With this short phone call/ interview, you should be able to know whether the writer is a good fit for your company or not.

Reach out to their references

Doing the above two things will actually give you a great idea whether you want to hire the freelance content writer or not. But if you are still unsure then you can reach out to the writer’s references. Contact the people that the writer has previously worked with. This will help you know the writer from a different person’s perspective. 

Begin with a small project

You don’t need to have a year long contract with the freelance website content writer. You can begin with a short-term contract and have only a few blog posts/ articles written by the writer. This will give you a better idea of your rapport and if you can work together in the longer run.

Have a well-defined contact so that there is no risk involved. Also state clearly in the contract what is expected from the writer. And if everything goes well then you have found yourself a great writer you can work with on a long term. And if not, you may have to start looking for someone else.

Over to You

Remember that you will receive a lot of applications for a freelance content writer job. But it is up to you how you choose the best from the rest. Here, I shared some tips on how you can find a kickass freelance content writer for your company. I hope you find all of these tips helpful in your quest of finding a good writer. This is exactly the same process I use to hire for Kashmirica.

Mir Saeid is a Digital Marketing Specialist and a Web Development Consultant who is the Co-Founder of Kashmirica. The brand is poised to take Kashmiri exclusive products global and offers everything from a Pashmina to an Attar Online.

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